My month in pics | May 2016

My month in pics - May 2016 - DoYouSpeakGossip

May, the month of my birthday is coming to an end, and I must say that I’m disappointed by it. It was the first May ever that I had so little fun during, and it was mostly because of the stupid rainy weather. I didn’t get the chance to photograph more outfits, and I didn’t get the chance to go out as much I wanted to. On the other hand, I had the time to write more on Stylishly Beautiful, edit more videos both for my channel and for Stylishly Beautiful’s, and find new partners for it, which made me really happy. I have so many ideas I want to materialize and hopefully from now on I’ll have more time to make it happen. So cheers to a much happier June and a nice summer season, which is coming soon! If you missed any videos, you can watch them all below! Make sure to subscribe to both channels for more updates, and I would really appreciate it, if you’d give all the videos you watch, thumbs up! Thank you! And have a nice week!

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May 2016 | Wishlist

May 2016 - wishlist - H&M

Recently I did a bit of online shopping on H&M’s e-shop which just opened for the Greek market, because I just couldn’t resist, but I found so many other things that I’d love to buy but couldn’t. So I decided to create a wishlist around them in order not to forget them, and see if I can buy them all in the following months. I’m in love with the print of the red dress, which I’ve also seen on a playsuit and some shorts, and I was tempted to buy them all. Then a pair of distressed shorts from the H&M ♥ Coachella line, and a cute loose peplum top. I’d also love to buy these jeans and this backpack for everyday outfits all year long. What do you think?

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