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Pastel & plaid - outfit -

We took these photos last week, when we went out for a walk downtown with T. to enjoy the city and watch the full moon. We had a great time, and I was happy we were finally able to shoot these photos there. I’ve been eyeing this bridge for years, but hadn’t had the chance till now. I took the opportunity to wear my new Lee dress which I got from spartoo, and I matched it with pink accessories and my white belt. The upper part needs to be taken in a little bit, so I’m soon going to pay my seamstress a visit with some clothes, but other than that it’s perfect. The outfit was complete with my new My piece of chic necklace, and my vintage sunglasses. Do you like my look?

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Floral twinset | Outfits

Floral twinset 5- outfit -

Hello my dear readers, and happy Friday! The weekend is near, and I have so much to show you that I don’t know where to start from. Last week a lot of my orders came in the mail, and it felt a bit like Christmas. I couldn’t wait to wear everything and decided to wear some of them together in one look. You’ve already seen my new double pearl earrings from Happiness Boutique in this post, but it’s the first time I’m wearing them, and as you can see they look amazing. Secondly, my order from RoseGal came and I got my hands on this twinset I’m wearing here (I also got a set of rings, which I’m sure you’ll see soon).

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