The long sleeveless trench | Outfits

The long sleeveless trench 5- outfit -

The day yesterday was quite amazing. Not too hot, just enough, not too cold, just enough. We took these photos as we left the house to go meet some friends for coffee, and we had such a great time. The temperature was really ideal! Unfortunately, when I returned home, I had to change into something warmer to go meet another friend, because we’re now back to cool weather again. Back to the outfit though… This outfit was again a spur of the moment. I actually had a different pair of shoes in mind for it, but changed my mind, because these ones looked even better. The sleeveless trench coat created a length contrast with the dress and completed the outfit nicely. No other accessories needed! The shoes are stunning and comfortable so it was a double win for me. Do you like my look?

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Olive green & powder pink | Outfits

Olive green & powder pink 7- outfit -

A few days ago, I saw this color combo online, and I was instantly inspired to create my version of it. I would probably have never thought of these 2 colors together, if I hadn’t seen how well they look together, but I loved how well olive green goes with pastel pink. I can’t wait for spring to officially come, so I can start wearing my pastels again and leave my coat at home. This sleeveless trench coat is going to accompany many of my spring looks, I’m sure. Wish I had a camel & a black version of it too. They are key-pieces that can totally make a look stand out. What do you think, loves?

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Floral twinset | Outfits

Floral twinset 5- outfit -

Hello my dear readers, and happy Friday! The weekend is near, and I have so much to show you that I don’t know where to start from. Last week a lot of my orders came in the mail, and it felt a bit like Christmas. I couldn’t wait to wear everything and decided to wear some of them together in one look. You’ve already seen my new double pearl earrings from Happiness Boutique in this post, but it’s the first time I’m wearing them, and as you can see they look amazing. Secondly, my order from RoseGal came and I got my hands on this twinset I’m wearing here (I also got a set of rings, which I’m sure you’ll see soon).

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New in | Quilted jelly bag, mirrored sunglasses and more

A few days ago, I went for coffee with my friend Elena, and after that we hit the stores. I wasn’t going to buy anything, but I wanted some easy-to-wear casual tops, and since they were inexpensive I got 2, in the same design but different colors from Zara. I don’t have many polka dotted pieces in my closet, so it was really nice to add this one. After that, we went to H&M, where I looked for a pair of mirrored sunglasses I’ve seen online, with no luck. So I decided to visit the men’s department, where I scored these clear plastic ones (which are folding). The final and most favourite of all, this turquoise quilted jelly bag, which I received as a birthday present from my sister-in-law. You’ll see me wearing them on my next posts, so stay tuned!

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