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Lately I’ve been scouring the net for new shops to introduce you to, with clothes and accessories in affordable prices, and I came across Gearbest, which doesn’t only have apparel, as you might see when you visit it, but also various other things from phones and tablets, to home & garden gadgets; anything you can imagine, they have it there! Today however, we’re only going to talk about their beautiful casual & party dresses, because they really steal the spotlight away from everything else in my opinion (at least for us girls).

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Beautiful party dresses from JecicaDress

JessicaDress 1 - DoYouSpeakGossip.comLately, I’ve been receiving many emails from readers who’re asking me, what they should wear to occasions such as weddings and christenings. I recently wrote that I attended many weddings this season, when I showed you what I wore to one of them, and I’ve attended quite a lot of them in my life so far. My first advice is that you should wear something formal. The closer you are to the happy couple the more formal you should dress. Midi and maxi dresses are preferable of course, and they’re totally in fashion. The design and the color are up to you! Pick a design that compliments your best features, and a color that suits your skin tone and makes you happy.

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