Nescafe cocktails at Todaylicious

Nescafe cocktails at Todaylicious 6

Last week I had the pleasure of being one of the first people to try out the new Nescafe cocktails, Nescafe Sage & Nescafe Verde, at my local Todaylicious stores. Afterwards, I was invited to a party where we drank coffee cocktails, listened to music and took photos with the famous Greek chef Akis Petretzikis, who was also there to celebrate their launch. All and all I had an amazing time, and I photographed everything for you. Check out all the photos below.

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Beautiful party dresses from JecicaDress

JessicaDress 1 - DoYouSpeakGossip.comLately, I’ve been receiving many emails from readers who’re asking me, what they should wear to occasions such as weddings and christenings. I recently wrote that I attended many weddings this season, when I showed you what I wore to one of them, and I’ve attended quite a lot of them in my life so far. My first advice is that you should wear something formal. The closer you are to the happy couple the more formal you should dress. Midi and maxi dresses are preferable of course, and they’re totally in fashion. The design and the color are up to you! Pick a design that compliments your best features, and a color that suits your skin tone and makes you happy.

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Christmas Réveillon | Bloggers’ photoshoot

Christmas Réveillon 10-Bloggers’ photoshoot -

Last week, we continued a tradition that started last year; a pre-Christmas gathering to celebrate the holidays together, since everyone will be celebrating the actual Christmas with their families, and some of us won’t even be in Thessaloniki. So, per (new) tradition, we partied with a special photoshoot that this time included 5 out of the 6 members of the Stylishly Beautiful Team. Unfortunately, our 6th member, Denise, couldn’t be with us, because she lives abroad, but George came to Thessaloniki just for this, and we had a day full of photos, homemade sweets, champagne, pretty dresses for the ladies, and of course full of joy! This year, we played around with the concept of this shoot, to make it more fun, and we had T. take some backstage footage to create a video for all of you, and inaugurate our new Youtube channel (make sure to subscribe!). Check out the details and the rest of the team’s blog links, along with the backstage video, down below.

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Christmas at Mediterranean Cosmos

Christmas at Mediterranean cosmos 2- DoYouSpeakGossip.comYesterday, the biggest mall in my city, Mediterranean Cosmos, had a Christmas party, with lots of music, DJs, and a lot of happenings, like Zumba dancing. We attended the event with my friend Kleoniki, early in the afternoon and took some photos for you. Enjoy!

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Birthday party details

I wasn’t going to do this post today, but I got many requests, so by popular demand, I present you the post with the details about my birthday party including: concept and food buffet… Unfortunately I can’t post many of the party photos, because I want to protect my friends’ privacy, so I have mostly food photos for you today. But let’s start with the whole concept. And I ask you once again, to please bear with me!

I had very few guests at my party, mostly my closest friends. An invitation was sent to 5 ladies, telling them to come to my house on Saturday the 19th at 16.00 o’clock, for a beauté and linner (combination of lunch and dinner) party, bringing only their appetite and good mood… What they didn’t know was that I had a little surprise for them! The beauté part included having their nails pampered by a professional manicurist (the lovely and very talented Elena! – if you live in Thessaloniki, I can give you her number). Elena, spent 8 whole hours at my house, doing manicures and pedicures to me, my mom, and my friends, and that was my gift to my lovely friends. Thank you so much Elena, you were amazing! 🙂

While one of us at a time was having her manicure/pedicure done, the others were having conversations or enjoying the delicious buffet, which consisted mostly of finger food. As I told you, my mom and I were working in the kitchen for 3 whole days, to prepare this buffet, and it was all worth it because my friends had all great things to say about it. And I was really excited that everyone was more than satisfied with my selections, since the menu was created by me. I’ll leave the pics do most of the talking, and I’ll put some details in the captions below each photo.

The whole buffet in the middle of the party

Click on the pics to enlarge

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