Stripes on stripes | Outfits

Hey, I’m back! After a short break of about 2 weeks, I’m back to posting on my blog. I needed that short break for myself. I’ve been working non-stop lately and I really wanted some time off to recharge my batteries, and come back with more energy. I really missed posting here. I think it’s the first time ever, that I’ve had such a long break from it, but trust me, I really needed it. I wish I could post outfits more often here, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to shoot more often than I do now. So, let’s talk about the outfit of the day, or more accurately, the outfit of the night. I wore this look, for my mom’s birthday, on the 6th of August, and we managed to shoot these photos, just as the last sunlight died. As you can see, the cars behind me all have their lights turned on. So excuse me, if the quality of these photos is not perfect. I was also testing a new lens that day. So, this top, was a nameday gift from my sister-in-law last month. It ties either at the front, or at the back, depending on your mood and clothes. Since I wore it with these shorts, that already had a bow at the front, I decided to put the bow of the top at the back. Finished off the look, with some old favorite shoes, my new Migato bag, and a pair of mirror sunglasses, which were not needed at the end. Let me know what you think. Do you like it?

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