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Something very simple for today’s outfit; My favorite playsuit, and my new favorite shoes, my mustard mules. Paired with my floral summer bag, to create a very casual and laid back look (at least in my eyes). I don’t have much to say today, so I’ll keep it very short. Stay tuned on my social media for more, and let me know what you think by leaving a comment below! See you soon!

Κάτι πολύ απλό για το σημερινό Look of the day. Το αγαπημένο μου χαλαρό playsuit, τα νέα αγαπημένα μου παπούτσια που δεν είναι άλλα από τα μουσταρδί μου mules, συνδυασμένα με την φλοράλ καλοκαιρινή μου τσάντα, για ένα πολύ χαλαρό (στα μάτια μου) look. Δεν έχω να πω πολλά στο σημερινό ποστ, οπότε θα το κρατήσω πολύ σύντομο! Μείνετε συντονισμένοι στα social media αλλά και στο κανάλι μου, για περισσότερες φωτογραφίες και βίντεο, και πείτε μου πως σας φαίνεται το σημερινό look αφήνοντάς μου το σχόλιο σας παρακάτω!

Photos by T.


Playsuit: H&M
Bag: Miss Sixty
Mules: Luigi
Sunglasses: Glasses Shop





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Playsuit season | Outfits

It’s playsuit season again, and I couldn’t be happier, because this girl loves Spring, and doesn’t want to hide it. hehe I’ve already changed into my spring/summer wardrobe, and I just love the hot days but cooler nights spring has, so I’m not one of those who long for summer to come. So, I rarely wear short shorts, skirts, or even playsuits but this piece is one of the few exceptions I make, because I love it. I wore my playsuit with an off-the-shoulder top inside, and I really, REALLY, love how it looked. Matched everything to these 2 pieces, like I almost always do, so I picked up my yellow jelly bag, and one of my favorite pair or heels (the ones with the criss-cross straps, and the transparency on the sides). And to top it all off, I added a pair of retro-style white and yellow sunglasses that I hadn’t worn for a while. Doesn’t this outfit scream spring? I vote yes!!! Hope you like it. Let me know by leaving a comment below! 🙂

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Playsuit stories | Outfits

Playsuit stories 6- outfit -

Another new addition to my wardrobe, again from H&M, is this very short playsuit. I didn’t intend for it to be so short, nor I wanted it to, but I liked its print so much that I got it. It turned out to be waaaay shorter than I’d prefer it to be, so I may end up wearing it only to the beach, but I wore it the other day to run some errands around my area, and take these photos for you. This look is almost monochrome in different shades of blue, from turquoise to navy blue. Apart from its shortness it’s a really nice piece and very comfortable too. I ended up loving playsuits, because they’re so easy to wear and style in summer. So if you don’t already own such a piece I strongly urge you to buy one. It’s so versatile, it can be worn from day to night, from the beach to the night club, from the island to the city. You’ll definitely get what you paid out of it, and so much more.

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That green playsuit | Outfits

That green playsuit - outfit

Lately, I’ve been feeling so uninspired with my text here on the blog. Truth is I’m buried in work and left without energy for anything these days. Hopefully it will come back. Till then, let’s just stick to the basics. I wore this look a couple of days ago, and it was actually one of the options I had for the meet up. If you haven’t watched the video, go here to watch it now. Green is an all-time-favorite of mine, and it’s a color I wear all year long. I was tempted to wear my playsuit with my Magrit heels again, but decided to go with another snakeskin pair of mine. Do you like the result?

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Casual in a jumpsuit | Outfits

Greek blogger DoYouSpeakGossip?

On our last day in Chalkidiki, T. and I decided to go to Porto Carras resort and spend some time there. I chose to wear my mint floral jumpsuit on top of my bikini, and I didn’t regret it because it was light and comfortable and the weather was hot, hot, hot!!! I really love this place. Its lagoon pools make me want to stay there all day. Did you know I used to be a swimmer when I was younger? I’ve been in and out of pools since I was 4 years old, and I absolutely love them. I actually prefer them to the sea. And they’re such a beautiful backdrop too. Don’t you agree? I’ll be back wish fresh new outfit posts soon. Stay tuned!

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