Layering up in style | Outfits

These photos were taken on a really, REALLY cold day, when I had an event to attend and wanted to be stylish, but I was trying to stay as warm as possible. My long knit scarf was the first thing that came to mind, to protect me from the evil wind of that day. A midi dress was chosen for the style factor (with a bodysuit inside of course), opaque tights, tall boots (to leave only the slightest of skin exposed), cropped jacket to create a “suit” look, and my longest coat, on top of all to keep me protected. It was going to be a long, long day… And my outfit of choice did not disappoint me. Well, what do you know? You can indeed look stylish AND warm at the same time. I was surprised too, believe me! What do you think? Do you wear lots of layers to keep you warm during winter? Do you struggle to find a warm AND stylish outfit too?

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