Layering up in style | Outfits

These photos were taken on a really, REALLY cold day, when I had an event to attend and wanted to be stylish, but I was trying to stay as warm as possible. My long knit scarf was the first thing that came to mind, to protect me from the evil wind of that day. A midi dress was chosen for the style factor (with a bodysuit inside of course), opaque tights, tall boots (to leave only the slightest of skin exposed), cropped jacket to create a “suit” look, and my longest coat, on top of all to keep me protected. It was going to be a long, long day… And my outfit of choice did not disappoint me. Well, what do you know? You can indeed look stylish AND warm at the same time. I was surprised too, believe me! What do you think? Do you wear lots of layers to keep you warm during winter? Do you struggle to find a warm AND stylish outfit too?

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Monochromatic | Outfit post

It seems that my addiction to burgundy/oxblood color is so big this winter, that even my hair realized it and decided to turn out burgundy too (instead of the copper red I had chosen) on the latest dye session with my new hairdresser. hehe These photos can’t really show the true color my hair had that day. This monochromatic look (with the exception of my coat) is an ode to my love, burgundy. I hope you enjoy the photos…All, taken by T. after a crazy run, in order to catch the last rays of sunlight on that cloudy day.

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Outfit | Walking in Notting Hill

As promised, here’s the outfit I was wearing on our second day in London. The photos are taken on the roads of Notting Hill, one of my favorite places in London. You can see the cute colorful houses on the background. Unfortunately, these are the only outfit photos I took during our trip. I didn’t have the chance to take other ones, with all the running from one place to another. So, I hope you like them. You know how obsessed I am with oxblood lately, so you can understand why I chose this almost monochromatic outfit (with a few gold and black touches). My puffy white coat was necessary for the cold of London (even though I would have loved to take my Pepe Jeans coat with me instead). In case you haven’t read my other London posts yet, here’s the one from Day 1 and from Day 2. Enjoy!

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H&M oxblood items & vintage treasures

Last week, I had a meeting for coffee with Maria from Style Bows, and after that we hit the stores as we usually do every time we meet. I tell you this! Bloggers should never shop together. Everything seems more tempting when you have a girl next to you who’s as passionate about fashion as you are. I had no intention to buy anything, since I was saving money for London, so I had very little money with me. But it seems that I couldn’t resist buying (what else?) more oxblood items (which of course I brought with me in London). Thankfully, they were both quite inexpensive so my wallet sighed in relief.

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Trend: Oxblood

Hello dear readers! For today’s post I thought I’d share with you one of the fall trends that I really like: Oxblood. Last year it was burgundy, this year it’s oxblood. The colors are really similar if not the same. In my country we call it bordeaux.

Having lent my DSLR to my brother for some days, and not having anything else to post about, I thought it was time to share with you my latest color addiction by doing a collage with some items I liked in this beautiful fall color.

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