Road trip to Orestiada | Travel

It’s already been a couple of weeks since my trip to Orestiada, Greece, but I knew that most of you were on vacation and decided to postpone this post so it actually gets read. Seeing these pictures again, reminded me of my last travel, which was…far too long ago; last November, when we had travelled to London. I have so many fond memories from that travel; it almost brought tears to my eyes. I miss my friend Denise, whom I met there for the first time, after having been talking to her for years. I wish someday to go back and see more. Back to this trip now… we were invited by some friends who recently moved there to stay at their place for a few days, and since we haven’t gone anywhere this summer, we gladly said yes. The road trip was longer than we anticipated, but it was worth it. We had one full day there, during which we visited Ardas River, the forest of Dadia, and a waterpark called Cataract. This post is a bit picture-loaded, but the beauty of the area shouldn’t be ignored.

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