Casual Monday | Outfits

Casual Monday 6- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comNo, it’s not a Monday; you don’t have to run scared to your calendars. It’s still Friday, and we’re heading to the weekend. Yay! But this is something casual I wore on a Monday. You rarely see me in casual looks, and flats and that’s because I rarely wear them. I do wear casual looks to run errands, or when I want to feel more comfortable and relaxed, but most of the times I want to dress in a better way. You see, I don’t currently work (not officially anyway, because I do work from day to night every day, on Do You Speak Gossip and Stylishly Beautiful), so I spend most part of the day sitting in front of a computer in my pajamas (sounds lame, I know! I swear it isn’t that much!). So when I go out I like to dress up, and most of the times I do. This was not a “dress up” day though. I wanted to keep it casual, and prolong the summer vacations as much as I could. Well that didn’t last. After that day, the weather decided it’s already autumn and started pouring rain all day, every day on us. Bye bye summer dresses. Till next summer!

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