Slits & over the knee boots | Outfits

Slits & over the knee boots 8- outfit -

We took these photos a couple of days after the New Year started, and we haven’t been able to take any more photos after that, because of the terrible weather we’ve been having in Greece lately. This outfit was worn just before the cold days started. It was already a bit cold, but not the under zero temperatures we had after that. The sun really helped so I wouldn’t get cold, so I didn’t hesitate wearing my slitted sweater dress and my over-the-knee boots. The thing is that I always forget how deep those slits are, and I go out wearing the “dress” with tights like these, ending up looking a bit sexier than I’d usually like to. hehe Thankfully I was wearing short shorts under that so no harm was done. Both the sweater dress and the boots kept me warm enough for the day. Can’t say the same for that night though, even though I changed into a thicker pair of tights. Do you like this look? Hopefully I’ll be back with new ones soon! Stay tuned!

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Gray on gray | Outfits

Gray on gray 5- outfits -

If you’ve watched my latest video (it was a haul one, you can watch it here – don’t forget to subscribe!), then you’ve definitely seen this pretty coat that came to me in the mail via Relaxfeel. It was the first time for me, collaborating with this shop, so I was eager to receive it. I was excited to find out, that it was exactly as it looked in the photos. The belt is not included, but I loved the look from their photos so I added one of mine. I was eager to see if it would fit me properly, and I’m happy to say that it does. It’s light (the fabric is not very thick, but it’s warm) and comfortable. I wore it here, with a super simple outfit, with the exception of the heels, to make it the star of the look, but I’ve also layered it on top of the previous outfit easily. I love the slim minimal look it gives to my outfits and you’re definitely going to see it again and again in my future posts. My outerwear collection has some gaps, which I’d love to feel with more pretty coats like this one. Next on my list, a camel & a red one. What do you think?

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