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If you’ve watched my latest video (it was a haul one, you can watch it here – don’t forget to subscribe!), then you’ve definitely seen this pretty coat that came to me in the mail via Relaxfeel. It was the first time for me, collaborating with this shop, so I was eager to receive it. I was excited to find out, that it was exactly as it looked in the photos. The belt is not included, but I loved the look from their photos so I added one of mine. I was eager to see if it would fit me properly, and I’m happy to say that it does. It’s light (the fabric is not very thick, but it’s warm) and comfortable. I wore it here, with a super simple outfit, with the exception of the heels, to make it the star of the look, but I’ve also layered it on top of the previous outfit easily. I love the slim minimal look it gives to my outfits and you’re definitely going to see it again and again in my future posts. My outerwear collection has some gaps, which I’d love to feel with more pretty coats like this one. Next on my list, a camel & a red one. What do you think?

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Cold & windy | Outfits

Cold & windy 7- outfit -

Hello my dear readers, how are you? I’m having some really busy days so I’m trying to fit everything into my schedule. As I told you on my latest post, I have many new outfits to show you this month, and as we come closer to Christmas I’ll reveal them all one by one. So this is the last casual outfit you’re probably going to see before Christmas, as I’m planning to show you some less casual ones for the holidays. We shot this outfit on a really reallyyyy cold and windy day, and even though I shot another one for you (coming soon!) with a sleeveless dress, I almost froze when we were taking these photos. If it wasn’t for the bright sun, I’d probably have. You already know how much I love chunky knits this year. This time I paired my knit with a pair of boyfriend jeans and ballerina flats. Very simple, very casual; you should try it! Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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Winter showers & high heels | Outfits

Winter showers & high heels 4- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comLately the weather has been more than gloomy. It’s been raining non-stop for weeks, and those happened to be the weeks I was the busiest. My house only saw me for sleep, work on the computer and the blogs, and the annual Christmas baking, but believe me most of the time was spent out of the house running from here to there, and trying to fit everything into my busy schedule. And…I made it! I feel so proud that I managed to accomplish everything in my to-do list. I don’t even know how I found the time to do everything. If you want something really bad, then you find the time to do it, that’s so true! In other news, we took these photos in one of the intermissions from rain. It’s something really simple, worn with my favorite accessory, a pair of high heels! Hope you like it! 😉

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Parisian | Outfits

Parisian - outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comLately I’ve been really trying to find different ways to style, basically the same pieces from my closet, and I end up relying on last minute’s inspiration (since I have decreased my purchases to 1-2 pieces per season). The results are either on the much casual side, like you’ve seen here and here, or on the dressy ladylike chic style I usually prefer, like on this post, and this one. Either way, I’ve liked the result, and I must say that I have even surprised myself, with creating outfits with the same old pieces. Being a personal style blogger, and showing 3 outfits per week, is not easy, if you don’t shop new pieces to refresh your wardrobe and style your clothes in different ways, in order for them not to look the same all the time. And I’m definitely proud of myself for not being a victim of consumerism, in the middle of the crisis, and for choosing to spend my money on more pressing and important things. So ladies, if you can’t buy new things, for any reason, don’t feel bad; just take a look at all your clothes really carefully, and find hidden treasures in the bottom of your closet, that you might have not worn in years, but can now refresh your style without breaking the bank. Like this shirt, that I’ve had since secondary school, and haven’t worn in years, and that beanie that once belonged to my brother. Brought together to give a fresh note to my old striped dress you’ve seen before, this time belted, and paired with over-the-knee socks giving a Parisian air to the look. I hope you enjoy it!

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