NYX lingerie liquid matte lipstick review – Teddy

NYX lingerie liquid matte lipstick review - Teddy

I rarely do lip product reviews, but since I’ve received many questions about NYX’s Lingerie liquid matte lipsticks, I wanted to write my opinion. Mine is in the shade “Teddy” which is a very rich chocolate brown which I personally love. When you first apply it on your lips it’s very velvety, and easy to use, due to its flat brush. You don’t necessarily need to outline your lips, because you can do a very precise job with its brush. When it dries, it’s completely matte, almost non-transferable and long-lasting. If you have dry lips, you have to properly exfoliate and hydrate them before using it, because it’s gonna make your lips even drier. But if dry lips isn’t your problem, then you’re gonna love it. I personally love it, besides the fact that I have dry lips myself, and I’m actually flirting with a few more shades of the Lingerie line. Have you used this lip product?

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