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Back to school 3- outfit -

For some countries, like mine, school doesn’t start for another month or so, for others, school has already started, or is going to start soon. Either way when I wore this outfit, it was the first thing that came to mind. I could have worn this outfit to my first day back at school if I was still in high school. This dress is also one of my most recent purchases, along with the starfish playsuit you saw on my previous post, and I really loved it. So I’m sure you’re gonna it again in other combinations soon. This time, I dressed it down with my converse sneakers, but for the next time, I’m thinking heels. To be honest, I thought these photos were going to be a total failure, since we were late, and we took them right after sundown. But with a little camera work, and some editing after it, they were decent enough to be posted. More than decent; they surpassed my expectations, given the fact that I had them written off. That was definitely a pleasant surprise. What do you think about this look, dear readers?

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