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Modern pin-up 7- outfit -

I’ve had this outfit in mind, since before I placed my order to get this beautiful cropped knotted shirt, and I couldn’t wait to wear it and share it with you before we officially enter fall. This is how I imagined wearing this beautiful shirt, when I was ordering it. Yes it’s one of the items of last month’s Spartoo order. Isn’t it pretty? I really wanted to try something different, so I paired it with a midi skirt, my all-star sneakers, my white backpack, and one of my mom’s scarves as a headpiece, to give a hint of color, and make the look more retro. I quite liked the result. It’s actually one of my favorite outfits I’ve worn lately. For the photos I wanted my background to make a contrast with the look, so I picked a place with lots of green but also lots of road signs to add even more color. Do you like my look? Let me know by leaving a comment, in the form below. I really love reading your comments! 🙂

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Back to school | Outfits

Back to school 3- outfit -

For some countries, like mine, school doesn’t start for another month or so, for others, school has already started, or is going to start soon. Either way when I wore this outfit, it was the first thing that came to mind. I could have worn this outfit to my first day back at school if I was still in high school. This dress is also one of my most recent purchases, along with the starfish playsuit you saw on my previous post, and I really loved it. So I’m sure you’re gonna it again in other combinations soon. This time, I dressed it down with my converse sneakers, but for the next time, I’m thinking heels. To be honest, I thought these photos were going to be a total failure, since we were late, and we took them right after sundown. But with a little camera work, and some editing after it, they were decent enough to be posted. More than decent; they surpassed my expectations, given the fact that I had them written off. That was definitely a pleasant surprise. What do you think about this look, dear readers?

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May 1st | Outfits

tortoise mirror wayfarer sunglasses glassesshop.comThese photos couldn’t be any fresher. We took them on May 1st, as the title says, and I couldn’t wait to post them. Like last year, we were invited to Maria’s country house for barbecue with her and her friends. And of course we jumped at the chance to take some outfit photos at the swing again. It was a great day, and I was super happy to spend it with my boyfriend and friends. Plus I got to spend 3 days at my boyfriend’s place and take some days off work. And as soon as I returned home I started working again. Can you believe I missed my blogs so much? I can never leave them for long. I hope you enjoy these photos! How did you spend your weekend?

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