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Wedding season has started, and I attended my first wedding wearing this outfit. At first I was tempted to choose a jumpsuit, since I was a guest of the best man, but this skirt won me over, so I had to wear this one instead. Paired it with one of my favorite summer tops in green of course, my green Hermes kelly-inspired bag, and my mint/blue sandals. Not the most comfortable ones for standing but boy they are pretty. Of course I had to wear a matching pair of sunglasses. It wouldn’t be me if I hadn’t. haha I’m so glad that I bought this skirt last year, because not only it’s floral and structured and looks amazing on, it also has pockets, something I love with dresses and skirts. Finished off the look with a purple lipstick that goes amazing with green. Hope you like this look as much as I do. Kisses!

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The first time we tried to photograph this dress, it was about to rain, and the light was already gone…The second time it was too sunny and I look a bit like a vampire from Twilight in these photos, but oh well…I’ve accepted the fact that my skin color is porcelain white, and I like it! I received this dress from the site Ever-Pretty, and I must say that I really liked it. The color is a bit different than in the product photos, although in real life it is more bordeaux red than the bright red it looks in these photos. The quality is great, consistent with its price, and the size fits perfectly. I had initially ordered this dress with the thought of wearing it to the wedding I have to attend this Saturday, but I thought I wouldn’t have it on time for my trip, so I panicked and went shopping for another one. In the end, it came much quicker than I had anticipated and I ended up with 2 dresses. But that’s fine, because I can totally wear this dress in many other occasions in the future. This time I paired it with a bright red clutch (that looks the same color as the dress in these photos, due to the sun, but I assure you it wasn’t), and black peep-toe pumps. What do you think?

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Not another wedding outfit

Last Saturday I attended the wedding of a very dear friend from high school. It was great and we had a blast at the wedding party, with lots of eating, drinking and dancing.

It was the first time that I watched an Evangelical wedding ceremony (I’m a Christian Orthodox myself), and I must say that I was impressed. Everything was lovely.

I chose to wear almost the same outfit I wore on my brother’s wedding last year, with small alterations.

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