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Last week, I talked to you about a new e-shop I found for formal dresses, called Formal Dresses Australia. Judging from the views that the post had, I figured, you’d wanna see a few more from there. From time to time I get a lot of emails from women asking me what to wear to a formal occasion such as weddings and christenings, and I’m always happy to help with their search because as you know I’m “living” for such events. I was actually thinking of writing some posts to help you choose the best dresses for you, on my other site, Stylishly Beautiful. I have some ideas, but they will have to wait for now.

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Formal Dresses for every occasion

Formal Dresses BrisbaneBy now you already know how much I love formal dresses, and formal occasions to wear such dresses, because I’ve told you a thousand times. Well, this one makes it a thousand and one, because I found another site I’d like to introduce you to, which has gorgeous formal dresses. The site’s called Formal dresses Australia, but don’t let the name fool you, because they don’t only ship to our Aussie friends, but actually worldwide.

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Not another wedding outfit

Last Saturday I attended the wedding of a very dear friend from high school. It was great and we had a blast at the wedding party, with lots of eating, drinking and dancing.

It was the first time that I watched an Evangelical wedding ceremony (I’m a Christian Orthodox myself), and I must say that I was impressed. Everything was lovely.

I chose to wear almost the same outfit I wore on my brother’s wedding last year, with small alterations.

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