CND Glacial Illusion Collection

CND glacial illusion collection

The new Glacial Illusion collection of CND for Winter 2018, is full of icy-cool shades, which I personally adore. It includes 6 colors, as always, with names such as “Ice Bar”, “Cashmere Wrap”, “Radiant Chill”, “Alpine Plum”, “Mystic Slate” and “Winter Nights”. “Ice Bar” is a shimmery translucent pink, “Cashmere Wrap” is a nice pink/beige, “Radiant Chill” may look copper but it actually has rose gold hues, and gives a nice mirror effect, “Alpine Plum” is an icy lilac shade (which I’d love to add to my collection), “Mystic Slate” is icy grey/blue, and last but not least, “Winter Nights” is a nice deep night blue. The last one gives a pop of bold color to the whole collection and makes a nice combination with practically any color of Glacial Illusion. As you can see from the photo above, I received the colors “Winter Nights”, “Radiant Chill” and “Cashmere Wrap” of the collection, along with their famous top coat which I love. They’re all very pretty, but I personally loved Radiant Chill which I’m currently wearing on my nails. 

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