Transitioning into spring | Outfits

These photos were taken some time ago, and hopefully since then, the weather has gone full spring. But we did have some rainy days/weeks, when the coat was still needed. That was one of those days, that despite the bright sun, the day was still quite cold when you sat in the shadows. I still haven’t learned from my previous mistakes, wearing white clothes, in direct sunlight, and these shadows were the best we could do. There are some harsh shadows on my face & body, because of the surrounding trees, but hopefully you can see the outfit of the day properly. I wore a short sleeved blouse, on top of a sleeveless dress, to make the look more spring-appropriate, and then I wore my burgundy coat, boots, and bag to keep it warmer, for the weather. It was really pretty in real life, and I’m bummed that we couldn’t photograph it in a better way. More spring outfits are coming soon though. Stay tuned!

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