Guess who’s back! | Outfits

Guess who’s back! It’s me! Can you believe it? After all this time, I’m finally back to outfit posts, and hopefully, I’ll be able to produce more in the near future. I won’t be posting as regularly as I did in the past, and as I said before, I don’t wanna give you any promises, but I’m planning on shooting more looks in the next few weeks. So this is my not-that-casual but still not-formal outfit of the day. I had a meeting earlier, so it was the perfect chance for me to dress up a little, put some makeup on, and shoot some photos for you guys, and this little blog of mine. I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed this. Nothing new to see, but still, it’s the first look after 7+ months. Hope you like it!

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Casual & makeup free | Outfits

We shot these photos just yesterday, when we went out for some errands, and the weather was amazing. The sun was shining, it was warm enough to wear a t-shirt under the sun, and I just wanted to shoot some photos even though I wasn’t wearing anything special, or any makeup at all. So today’s post is going to be short, but I promise I’ll get back to longer and better outfit posts. I changed all my summer clothes to winter ones, but now the weather is too good to start wearing them, and I’m stuck somewhere in between, and I don’t have any fresh ideas on what to wear. So I hope you like today’s super casual look. See you next week with another outfit! 😉

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Transitioning into spring | Outfits

These photos were taken some time ago, and hopefully since then, the weather has gone full spring. But we did have some rainy days/weeks, when the coat was still needed. That was one of those days, that despite the bright sun, the day was still quite cold when you sat in the shadows. I still haven’t learned from my previous mistakes, wearing white clothes, in direct sunlight, and these shadows were the best we could do. There are some harsh shadows on my face & body, because of the surrounding trees, but hopefully you can see the outfit of the day properly. I wore a short sleeved blouse, on top of a sleeveless dress, to make the look more spring-appropriate, and then I wore my burgundy coat, boots, and bag to keep it warmer, for the weather. It was really pretty in real life, and I’m bummed that we couldn’t photograph it in a better way. More spring outfits are coming soon though. Stay tuned!

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Mint & khaki | Outfits

Mint & khaki 2- outfit -

You’ve seen me pairing mint green with khaki before, but this time I wore it with beige instead of gray. I’m slowly adding brighter colors to my outfits, as a way to transition from winter to spring. It might be quite sunny lately, and warmer than before, but it’s still not warm enough for lighter clothes. But spring is on its way, and till then I’ll be wearing my mint green coat to keep me warm, and prepare me for lighter layers. I seriously can’t wait. You know spring is my favorite season of all! This look was worn for an upcoming lookbook on Stylishly Beautiful’s Youtube channel. Make sure to subscribe and stay tuned to watch it tomorrow

UPDATE: You can now find the lookbook in the end of this post!

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Superhero | Outfits

superhero plasuit + bootsContinuing with the transitional outfits, here’s one from the early April. One of the first really warm days of this season, but not quite warm to go out without tights yet (however, since then I’ve tried it twice). It was super warm and sunny during the day, but the nights are still chilly, and I was going to be back home late, so I didn’t risk it. I was originally going to wear my playsuit with a pair of black booties, but a) I remembered that this outfit was quite similar, and b) I was going to do some shopping, and those booties aren’t exactly made for walking, so I thought I could wear my tall boots instead. As soon as I wore them I felt like I was some kind of superhero, and I’m not saying that as a good thing. I was already running late though, and it was too late to go back and change the shoes so I went with it. In the end it was so bad, right? Two things I loved about that look, except for my playsuit were that I tried using a green liner for my usual slightly winked eye-makeup (hopefully you can see that in some of the photos) and that I finally red-dyed my hair that day, so the color was really vibrant, and my hair completely straight. Do you like it?

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