Pastels for fall | Outfits

Pastels for fall 6- outfit -

It’s kind of crazy that I was wearing chunky knits in just the previous post and in this one I wear light clothes and pastels, but really the weather was really warm, above 20 degrees, so light clothes were more appropriate. This outfit was in my mind for a long time, but I hadn’t decided on all the items needed before I wore it that day, so I had to change a few items because they didn’t look good together. I’m not 100% satisfied with the result and I must say that it’s one of those rare occasions that I think the outfit looks much better in photos than it looked in real life. I don’t know what it was, but something wasn’t right about it. Anyway, this is what I wore that day, and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts. Leave your comments below my loves! ♥

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Chunky knits | Outfits

Chunky knits 4- outfit -

Even though we’ve been having really warm weather lately, I couldn’t help but wear the new knitwear I bought before my trip to Athens. This sweater was one of them, and I’ve been wearing it almost non-stop. It’s oversized, so it’s really nice and loose even though I bought the Small size, and it looks great with more fitted pants/jeans. That day I went to Kleoniki’s area for brunch, and I wore it with a cropped pair of pants, which I hadn’t worn in years. I really liked this combination, and I hope you like it too! I have so many things to show you in the next weeks. I can’t wait!

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Easygoing for a Sunday brunch | Outfits

Easygoing for a Sunday brunch 4- outfit -

If you follow me on Instagram, if not click here to follow me now, you’ve probably seen part of this outfit, when I want for brunch, about 2 weeks ago. The reason I hadn’t posted it yet, is because I wanted to finish with all my Athens-diary posts first. So I wore this outfit for brunch, simply because it is super comfortable and it was warm enough for the day. We’ve been having some really beautiful, warm & sunny days for the past couple of weeks, but we’re getting rain from Sunday on, and I can’t say I like it. I’ll try to photograph as many outfits as I can, before the rain comes. Pencil skirts are misunderstood most times, because people think they’re for more formal occasions, but depending on the fabric and the elasticity of the skirt you can easily be comfortable too. And it’s super easy to dress it down, just by wearing it with a nice chunky sweater, tights, and a comfy pair of low ankle boots. Just like I did here! To make it more interesting, I added a statement necklace! Easygoing, yet pretty! Don’t you think?

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Must-go places for food & drinks in Athens | Where I went

Cap Cap Aigaleo Athens -

Για να διαβάσετε το κείμενο στα ελληνικά κάνε κλικ εδώ ή στο Language: Greek

Before completing my Athens-trip diary, I have to show you what I’ve promised you. A post, with all the places I went for food, drinks & desserts when I was in Athens. Most of them I found through Instagram and Facebook, some were suggested by friends, and some others were just last-minute decisions. If you’re on a diet, stop reading now! There’s a lot of food pics in this post.

I’ll start with the must-go places to go for dessert, because I’m sure that’s the ones you’d want to see first. Here we go!

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The Athens-wedding outfit

The Athens-wedding outfit 8-

Since I didn’t manage to photograph the look I was wearing to the wedding in Athens, at that time, I decided to wear it again in Thessaloniki, with the sole purpose of photographing it. If you follow my blog, and Instagram account you’d know by now that I didn’t intend to buy such a fitted dress for the wedding; on the contrary I was looking for something in A-line. But when I first saw it, I fell in love. And looking at this back, can you blame me, really? It’s one of the most beautiful dresses I’ve ever seen. Simple, yet feminine and elegant in its own kind of sexy way. Obviously, I didn’t go anywhere in this dress that day, and since these photos were taken in the morning, and I was hungry and looking forward to the coffee and breakfast after our shoot, you must excuse me but I totally forgot to wear any jewellery except for my everyday watch, which I actually didn’t wear to the wedding. Apart from the jewellery and the slight change in my hair and makeup of the day, it was pretty much the outfit of the wedding day. So, what do you think? Let me know, by leaving a comment under this post! :)

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