Black & Teal | Outfits

Thessaloniki's fashion bloggerWe took these photos on the sunniest and warmest day so far (I didn’t even need a coat on top of my jacket) when we went for brunch with Kleoniki and Maria. It was the closest we came to spring, and the last time we’ve seen a sunny day since then. Yesterday it was raining constantly and I really can’t think of anything else to whine write about than the weather. For that day, I chose something completely casual and comfortable, yet stylish, by wearing my wool dress with my teal jacket and my biker boots. After that, I went to spend 3 days with my boyfriend, away from work and any problems. This is the last outfit post of the month, but I’ll have more for you at the end of next week! Have a nice weekend!

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Radiant beauty & makeup products | Review

Radiant beauty & makeup products - review

Since today it’s a huge public holiday here in Greece, I decided that instead of an outfit post, I wanted to upload something else, and what’s better than a beauty review? It might not be a Beauty Sunday, but reviews don’t necessarily need to be posted on Sundays. So let’s begin.

Today I’m going to review 4 beauty & makeup products that were given to me by Radiant professional, at a beauty event, here in Thessaloniki.

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Khaki & grey | Outfits

redhead fashion bloggerWe took these photos really quickly the other day, and even though it was sunny it was still super cold, especially when the wind was blowing. I decided to go sporty/casual for the day, because I wanted to wear my All stars and try something different with my pants, so I rolled them a bit. To avoid being too sporty, I added the mini bag, which made the outfit cuter. It doesn’t hold much, but it can hold all my essentials. I hope you have an amazing week ahead of you. I’m spending some days with my bf, far from all kinds of work, even though I had to work my a$$ off to manage to do this for a few days. Work hard, play hard though, right? ;)

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Baby blue & yellow | Outfits

baby blue & yellowToday’s outfit is in a completely different mood than the previous one, not only because of the better weather, but also because the colors of this outfit really lifted my spirits. This time, I met with Kleoniki in her area, and I was amazed by the beautiful places you could take outfit photos at. The day was sunny and quite warm and I had an amazing time. I have been waiting for weeks to wear this outfit (and many others!), and I was super excited when I woke up to this sunny day. This is definitely one of my favorite outfits of all time, and I’ve felt so good in it. Spring is near, dear readers. Be patient! ;)

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In a grey mood | Outfits

Call me M fashion bloggerGrey and gloomy! I’m talking about the weather again, but you already know that. That’s all I’m talking about lately. So, I dressed accordingly, with my bright pink lipstick being the only thing making a difference. You can’t really tell by the photos but it really added a pop of color to the whole outfit. It’s been a while since you last saw me wearing an almost completely monochromatic look. Here it is then. In an outfit that I hope will be one of the last ones of this winter. What do you think?

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