The “drama” queen

31 January, 2011

One of my previous shoe-obsessions was definitely, the Brian Atwood Drama patent-leather pumps. Worn so many times, by my all-time favourite fashion icon, Victoria Beckham, they couldn’t go unnoticed! They were sold here for $660 or €562.02, in the 140mm heel version, but they sold out quickly! Stocked again, in some sizes, they were sold for €393.42, during the sales period.

Brian Atwood Drama Pumps NAP

Picture taken from:

I was ready to buy those, when i came across these shoes:

Pictures shot by me

They look almost exactly like the “Drama” Pumps, except for small details. They are from a Greek Brand called Tsakiris-Mallas, and I found out that they also have a New York store. I really liked the design of the Drama pumps and I was very excited to find those similar ones, in my country and for only 149€ instead of 562€ (plus the shipping cost)! Of course I would be happier If I had bought the real ones, but that will do, at least for now!

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6 comments on “The “drama” queen

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  2. Hello,dear!
    These shoes are wonderful! I also love BA Drama Leather Pump and I`ve already knocked down in the searchihng of it. Could you describe more, in detail, where and how to buy these Tsakiris-Mallas? (I mean, is it possible to order from some website that in New York?)

    • Hello, Cat! Thank you for your comment 🙂
      The only information I have about the NY stores are their adresses: Tsakiris Mallas 1206 kings Highway, Brooklyn and Tsakiris Mallas 107-24A Continental Av., Forest Hill. However, I don’t know if they carry this exact design in their NY store. I bought mine in Greece.
      I don’t think that you can order them from their website, it’s not even properly updated, but you can find their phone numbers and their email if you want to contact them (
      If you have no luck with Tsakiris-Mallas in NY, you can also search for Steve Madden’s version of the “Drama” pump, which is pretty close to the BA’s too.

      • Thanks for your answer!:)
        Yes, I`ve known about Steve Medden’s model, but I find the version of this Greek brand better and more closed to the original BA`s)))) so I was very happy when found your post. Could you tell me, is it possible to set to you some questions about this model by e-mail?:) I suppose, that my address is displayed , so I`ll be glad to hear from you soon:)

        • You are welcome! I was very happy too when I found this particular version, because it’s very close to the original. Of course it’s possible! I’ll send you an e-mail! 🙂

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