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IF I WAS A RICH GIRL. Let’s talk feminine dresses and diamond bangle bracelets! Is there any combination more feminine than that? I think not! I tried so hard to resist browsing through one of my favorite e-shops, Net-a-Porter, but I failed! And this is how I came up with a wishlist full of dresses. Everyone knows that I’m a fan of feminine dresses such as these, and even more that I’m a fan of Victoria Beckham and her gorgeous designs. I can see myself wearing all of the above, as I find them classy and stylish, while they’re hugging the silhouette in the best way possible. Now all these dresses need, in order to be accessorized properly, other than shoes and bags of course, is elegant jewellery. Do you agree? And this is where these amazing sparkly bracelets come in. Elegant, pretty and timeless, exactly what I would call my cup of tea. These three were my choices, but you can find many more at Do you want to know the best part? You can customize them according to your taste and budget! So, what are you waiting for? 😉

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The battle of the bags

Hello my dear readers! How are you? Today I’m going to show you some of the bags that almost made it into my October’s wishlist, but for some reason they didn’t.

First of all, they were more expensive that I could possibly spend on a bag, and this time my wishlist consisted mainly of more affordable items. Secondly, there were other items, which were higher on my list, so they won.

I’m starting with a bag from “The Row”, by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

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David and Victoria Beckham at the Royal Wedding

Now that all the gossiping about the Royal Wedding is finally starting to cool off, it’s time for me to write about my favourite celebrity once again! I didn’t watch the wedding but I got well informed about everything that happened there, thanks to the media.

I can’t say that I liked many outfits out of the wedding (I was expecting something more special from a Royal Wedding after all, apart from the extraordinary hats – of course Kate Middleton’s wedding dress and reception dress are excluded as they were amazing), but I couldn’t let the opportunity of writing about Victoria Beckham’s outfit.

At first, I wasn’t sure whether I liked her outfit or not. It was way too dark for a wedding, and that’s why many people criticized it. But, after seeing it again and again I came to like it.

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Victoria Beckham – Airport Style

You may already know that I am a big fan of Victoria Beckham and her amazing style. I love the fact that she’s always dressed so well and always wearing those towering heels and I consider her one of the greatest fashion icons of our time. But opinions vary. Love her or hate her, here are some of her airport outfits.

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Victoria Beckham Collection AW 2011

In February 13th, Victoria Beckham presented her new collection for AW 2011, during the New York Fashion Week. Even though she is pregnant with her fourth child, it seems that she might be wearing some of her own dresses from this collection after all, as they are more loosened up than ever before. She said she finished her fall collection before she found out she was pregnant, so she must be thrilled not to have made them all fitted. I can’t wait to see what’s she’s going to wear during her fourth pregnancy, but i hope, that this time, she has a baby girl. I can only imagine how she’s going to be dressing her, but judging from Victoria’s style, she will surely be as fashionable and amazing.

So, here are some of the looks I found more interesting.

VB collection FW11 fitted dressesVB collection FW11

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