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Luigi Footwear black soft ankle boots silver block heelHey guys! This is my second collaboration with Luigi footwear and this time I have new favorite styles to share with you. Read my latest article to learn about the brand, and check out my photos below for some shoeporn.

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Ready for winter with Luigi footwear

Luigi footwear black & white sneakers 3

I recently collaborated with Luigi and had the pleasure of wearing and photographing some of their gorgeous pairs of shoes. Luigi is a Greek company, based in my hometown, Thessaloniki, which already had a physical store downtown, when they decided to also open up an e-shop, which now is one of the biggest in the country. They have a wide variety of footwear, bags and other accessories, in very reasonable prices and fashionable designs. I recently found out that not only they ship all over Greece, Cyprus, and Europe in general, but they actually have worldwide shipping. Isn’t this amazing? So I’m gonna link them below, and make sure to visit their site, after you see my photos to check out the rest of their shoes.

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Fashionable women’s shoes online

Stylish flat shoes

Last time I visited the omgnb website, my whole attention was focused on those gorgeous bags they store. So this time I wanted to check out my second favorite category, when I’m browsing online shops, which is Women’s Shoes.

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My shoe collection | Spring/Summer | Try on | Video

My spring/Summer shoe collection - DoYouSpeakGossip?

This is the second part of my shoe collection. I’ve promised you that I’d be back with the spring/summer ones, and here I am. So grab a cup of coffee and enjoy.

Yes, I have a slight addiction to shoes; I am aware! These aren’t all new purchases, but they were bought throughout the last few years. Some of them were bought by me, some were gifts from friends, and a few, gifted by shops. However, whether old or new ones, I love them and wear them all!

It took me many hours to film and edit this video, so I really hope you enjoy it! 🙂
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New in | Jonak wedge sandals

New in - Jonak wedge sandals -

Last month, I ordered a new pair of shoes, from my favorite e-shop,, and they came just in time, for a special occasion I wanted to wear them to. They’re really pretty and exactly as they look like in the shop pictures. They have an 11cm wedge heel, and they’re pretty comfortable to walk in. I’ve already wore them for the first time, and you’re gonna see them in an outfit, in my next post. I really love the leopard parts of the shoes, as it makes them more interesting. And brown is such a versatile color. I’m sure I’m gonna wear them a lot this summer. Do you like them?

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