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perforated dress 5- outfit -

This dress is so simple that you can wear it everyday in the house, or go to the beach wearing it, but I loved its perforated details so much from the moment I got it, that I thought it would be a waste to just wear it at these occasions. So I belted it, and combined it with red accessories to make it more formal, and I think it totally worked, wouldn’t you say? I think every clothing item can be made more or less formal with the addition of the right accessories. For example, you can wear a pretty midi dress like this with sneakers to dress it down, or you can wear it with heels to dress it up. You can even wear sweat pants with heels, and a nice crop top maybe. It’s your choice. If you like it like this and you pull it off, no one will say they don’t work together. And if they say that, just ignore them and wear what YOU love! I always do! I’ve always been known to be a bit-overdressed in most cases. On the other hand, I think that everyone else is just under-dressing for everything these days. But as long as they don’t dictate what I wear, I don’t do that for them either. It’s your personal style and you can dress how you want to. Even if people judge or stare, just ignore them, and go on with what you do! 馃槈 That’s all for today from me! Enjoy your weekend and see you again on Tuesday! :)

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Shorts season | Outfits

Shorts season 3- outfit -

It’s already shorts season. Or isn’t it? The weather lately has me confused. One day it’s so hot like it’s early August and the next one it rains all day long, and reminds you of autumn. Well, one of those hot days I had the chance to wear my relatively new shorts I got from Gap. I’m not too much of a fan of shorts on me, because my thighs are my most problematic area, as I’ve stated before, but they’re a necessary evil for me during Greek summer. I also finally got the chance to wear my new Migato sandals which I’m absolutely in love with. I paired 2 colors I really love together: baby blue & taupe/brown, and finished off the look with rose gold accessories like my watch and bracelet. Hope you like my look babes. See you on Thursday with a new outfit post. Make sure to follow me on social media for more everyday photos.

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Casual dusty pink | Outfits

Casual dusty pink 7- outfit -

Summer is already here, with a few rainy days here and there, and it kind of got me by surprise, because I didn’t expect such high temperatures so soon. That day, it was so hot outside, that I should have worn a dress or some shorts. I did however liked my look, and it was one I was eagerly waiting to wear. You see I had this outfit on my mind for over a month, since I received these shoes. But then, I went to the Netherlands, and when I got back we had rainy weather for weeks, so this was my first chance to wear them. They’re so pretty and comfortable, and I’ll definitely be wearing them for a long time. I built the whole outfit around them, as always, and I chose a really simple and casual outfit to make them stand out more. One of my favorite t-shirts, a pair of boyfriend jeans, and my dusty pink bag. That’s all I needed. Hope you like this look. I’ll be back with more outfits next week! :)

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Wedding look | Outfits

Wedding look 6- outfit -

Wedding season has started, and I attended my first wedding wearing this outfit. At first I was tempted to choose a jumpsuit, since I was a guest of the best man, but this skirt won me over, so I had to wear this one instead. Paired it with one of my favorite summer tops in green of course, my green Hermes kelly-inspired bag, and my mint/blue sandals. Not the most comfortable ones for standing but boy they are pretty. Of course I had to wear a matching pair of sunglasses. It wouldn’t be me if I hadn’t. haha I’m so glad that I bought this skirt last year, because not only it’s floral and structured and looks amazing on, it also has pockets, something I love with dresses and skirts. Finished off the look with a purple lipstick that goes amazing with green. Hope you like this look as much as I do. Kisses!

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Last days of spring | Outfits

Last days of spring 6- outfit -

Back to my routine, and hopefully to more outfit posts, now that all the posts from my trip to the Netherlands are over. This outfit post however, was shot before our trip, so it’s quite old now, but I wanted to finish the ones from Holland first. It’s now officially too hot to be wearing anything long, but it’s still a nice outfit, and we do get some chilly days, so here it is. Casual with a twist, focused on two colors, red and dark blue, perfect for an afternoon coffee or for drinks with friends. Updos are the hairstyle of the season, because I seriously can’t stand my hair down when it’s so hot outside. I barely had time to wear any pair of pumps this spring, since it was raining non-stop, especially after we got back and that’s partly the reason, why we hadn’t shot anything in weeks. But I’ll slowly get back to outfit posting, and hopefully I will post more outfits during summer. Hope聽 you like this look. Enjoy your week!

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