Casual in black & grey | Outfits

I just love grey in fall/winter, and black is such a classic and an all-time-favorite color. So a combination of these two basic colors is one I really enjoy. For a casual stroll with my boyfriend to do some light shopping, I paired my striped knit dress with my checkered grey waterfall cardigan, and my new silver backpack and biker boots. I really loved this look, even though it was really simple and casual. The day was amazing and really warm so that definitely helped too.

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Full skirts & bubbles | Outfits

Full skirts & bubbles 6- outfit -

I’m back from Athens, and back to work already! This is the last look we photographed, before my trip and before, dying my hair again. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen the change. If not, what are you waiting for? This one was the 4th look from the lookbook I showed you last week, and my favorite of all. I love this pink midi skirt, and I loved the combination with the black crop top and the similar colored block heels. Overall, the result was something I’d happily wear to an event, such as a wedding or even for a night out for drinks. The bubbles added some playfulness to the look of the day, and I love how the camera captures them, even though the lighting wasn’t ideal in all photos. I really hope you like this look. Let me know, by leaving a comment below!

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Happy kid shopping | Οutfits

Happy kid shopping 3- outfit -

This is the outfit I wore the other day to go shopping with T. I didn’t shop for clothes or makeup, just some necessary stuff, like hair oils and masks, which were running low on my stock. So we naturally took some quick outfit photos before going in to shop, because I seriously love this place as a background of my photos. The look of the day, was quite casual, and I look and feel like a kid, like a little girl, when I’m wearing a dress like this, and flat sandals. We didn’t take many photos because there was nothing special about it, but I wanted to show it to you either way. Today I’m planning to do some changes. I’m not going to say what kind, but if everything goes as planned, you’ll learn about it very soon. Just wish me luck! 🙂 See you soon with a new outfit post. I hope you have an amazing summer weekend!

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Flowers & lemons for my birthday | Outfits

Flowers & lemons for my birthday 6- outfit -

Hello my loves! It feels so long since I’ve last written on my blog. I’ve been on vacation to Holland for the past week, and I got back on Saturday, so all my posts were scheduled, but now I’m back to work and it feels nice but weird. It’s actually my birthday today, hence the title of this post. But we shot these photos a couple of weeks before my vacations. I had just bought these tulips, and I wanted to include them in my photos, because they matched my lemon printed top. However, the sun was too bright so you can’t really see how beautiful my small bouquet looked. I love how bright the addition of yellow makes my outfit. I chose to pair it with neutral tones, to make it stand out. It was still a bit breezy when we took these photos, but now the weather is much hotter. Can’t wait to start sharing with you more summery outfits, and get all my summer clothes out. Just wait! 😉 Hope you like this look!

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Faux Fur vest and sandals | Outfits

Faux Fur vest and sandals 2- outfit -

Can faux fur and sandals be worn in the same outfit? I say why not. If the weather is sunny enough to wear sandals, but has a cold breeze that requires some kind of outerwear which is not too warm, then, why not? And this is how I came up with this exact outfit. I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to wear my new high heeled textile sandals from Migato and Voila. This is how this outfit “came to life”. I really liked the outcome. The colors are similar, so I played with beige and black, which were the colors of my shoes, and finished the look off with some rose gold accessories, and big mirrored sunglasses. Comfortable, warm enough and feminine too. Do you like my look?

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