Mini skirts & over the knee boots | Outfits

Mini skirts & over the knee boots 8- outfit -

I may look sad or angry in most of these photos but I really wasn’t. The thing is, I had a terrible headache which was made worse by the bright sun, and I kind of got tired of trying to find a good spot to photograph this look, because wherever we went, the light was just not right. But we managed to take at least a few good photos of this look, so I can show it to you here today. As I said, it was a really sunny day, but don’t let the sun fool you, it was cold, and quite windy, and that’s why in most of the photos I have my hair all over my face. I actually straightened it before the shoot, but the wind decided it shouldn’t stay nice and ruined it. Oh well! I thought about this outfit when I saw this heart-printed shirt in my closet, and I got inspired by it, to try it with a mini skirt (one I’ve worn only once or twice), and my over the knee boots. See, I don’t own a lot of mini skirts, because they don’t look that good on me, but I really liked this combination, and I think that the outfit looks quite good and decent. haha I topped it off with my cropped jacket because it was still too cold to go outside with just a light shirt. Hope you like this look.

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Fishnets, sandals & culottes | Outfits

Fishnets, sandals & culottes 8- outfit -

Fishnet tights are having a major comeback as you may very well know. And when you combine your fishnets with sandals then you have one of the biggest trends of the season. I’ve been meaning to try it out myself for so long, but the cold wouldn’t let me go out in just sandals and tights. But now that the weather has been very mild, I jumped at the opportunity to try it myself. I wore a very simple total black outfit with culottes that day, and topped it with my now favorite gray leather jacket, that is perfect for this weather, and I can honestly say that I loved this look. So if you love it too, bring out your fishnet tights and sandals and try it out yourself. Keep your accessories minimal, and let your sandals and tights make all the statements you need! 😉

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Casual parka style | Outfits

Casual parka style 8- outfit -

Hello everyone! How was your weekend? We had a 3-day one here in Greece so we surely enjoyed our time-off. Apart from the weekend, we had a really sunny and spring-like week, and that was really the best part for me. However, we had these photos shot the week before that, when it was still freezing cold, so the parka and the thick layers were needed. I couldn’t resist the chance to show my new parka jacket again, because I truly love it. It’s warm and comfortable and I can’t believe I didn’t own one before. Today’s look is super casual, and so are the next ones that are going to follow, but I know you like those so I hope you enjoy the photos. See you again on Thursday!

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Powder pink & metallics | Outfits

Powder pink & metallics 3- outfit -

This post is long due, since I’ve been meaning to make it for over a month now. Do You Speak Gossip? actually turned 6, last month, and I wanted to make a special post to celebrate its anniversary, as I do every year, but due to the bad weather, and the fact that we couldn’t catch the balloon store open, we postponed it again and again.  But I’m finally here today, with my balloon, and the outfit I had in mind when I imagined this post, so I guess better late than never. Right? Once again the weather was very cold so my balloon looks deflated (what a surprise! I was expecting it since our previous photoshoot with the balloon), and it was so windy that it was almost impossible to photograph it the right way, but heyyy… we did it! This is actually the look I wore on Valentine’s day, and I loved loved loved it!!! It’s way too light for the season, but I couldn’t wait to wear it. I can’t believe that my little blog turned six this year. I feel like it was just yesterday when I started it. I can’t say that I’ve achieved my goals about it, not even close, but I’m doing my best every day to make them happen! I’m sure that one day all this hard work will pay off. Hopefully that would be sooner rather than later. So apart from a post, I decided to also celebrate it with an international giveaway, with 2 winners. Each of them will win 1 liquid matte lipstick by Golden Rose (no.10). Stay tuned to my Facebook page to learn all the details, because the giveaway will take place both on my Facebook and my Instagram account, and you’ll be able to take part in both.

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Pastels in winter | Outfits

Pastel in winter 6- outfit -

You know how much I love my pastels; So much that I can’t really stay away from them, even in winter. That’s why I was so happy when I found this mint coat on sale last winter, and since then, it’s my favorite one in my closet. It can really bring the whole outfit together, and make it more interesting. It’s super warm too and looks very stylish on. Take for example the outfit I’m wearing today… without this coat, it would have been another pretty boring casual winter look, but with the mint coat, it becomes something different; it really makes a statement. Don’t you think? I wholeheartedly believe it and I love it. It was a bargain too! Now I need a powder pink one for this season. Wish me luck so I find a good one on sale! :)

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