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Happy kid shopping 3- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.com

This is the outfit I wore the other day to go shopping with T. I didn’t shop for clothes or makeup, just some necessary stuff, like hair oils and masks, which were running low on my stock. So we naturally took some quick outfit photos before going in to shop, because I seriously love this place as a background of my photos. The look of the day, was quite casual, and I look and feel like a kid, like a little girl, when I’m wearing a dress like this, and flat sandals. We didn’t take many photos because there was nothing special about it, but I wanted to show it to you either way. Today I’m planning to do some changes. I’m not going to say what kind, but if everything goes as planned, you’ll learn about it very soon. Just wish me luck! 馃檪 See you soon with a new outfit post. I hope you have an amazing summer weekend!

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Striped culottes & 90s vibes | Outfits

Striped culottes & 90s vibes 5- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.com

These culottes are also one of my latest sales purchases, and even though I loved them, I’m still not sure about them, and how they look on me. Most of my friends complimented me on them, so I’m eager to make them work. For their first outing, I decided to go with my off-the-shoulder top, a previous purchase of mine, but I wasn’t sure about the shoes. Since I’m not that tall, and the pants are “cutting” me around the ankles, I didn’t want to wear a pair of shoes that would do the same. I rejected most of my pumps because I definitely wasn’t going to wear closed pumps in such heat, but I didn’t think of my peep-toe pumps. So I went with my initial thought which was my oldie mules from the early 00s (possibly), but I was not too happy about the final result. I said I wasn’t going to buy new mules, because it’s a style I don’t wear that often, and I don’t particularly like, but now I’m finding myself wondering if I should. All in all, I actually loved this outfit, but I think it would have looked hell of a lot bet better, if the mules were higher, and had a more modern heel. Can’t wait to try my next combination with these pants!

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Total white | Outfits

Total white v2 5- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.com

I hadn’t posted a total white look, since this outfit post, back in 2014, when I still had super long hair. Since I was in the mood for girly and feminine outfits lately, as you may have noticed from the previous post, I decided to wear this one the other day! White might look better on tanned skin, but I love my pale white skin, and I’m not planning on tanning any time soon. No better time than now then, to wear a total white look in the middle of the summer. I love all-white outfits, and unfortunately I don’t own many white pieces; something I’d very much like to change in the future. This top is new, and it’s from a brand called Moony Mood. The pumps you already know that they’re favorites of mine, and I never miss a chance to wear them, even in such hot temperatures when it’s too hot to wear closed toe pumps. So white it is; from head to toe, literally! 馃槢 Do you like my look?

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