Leather-like pants & lace up pumps | Outfits

Leather-like pants & lace up pumps 7- Outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.com

You may have already seen this look on one of my latest videos, but you haven’t seen these outfit photos yet. So here they are! This is actually the look I wore on Christmas night to go to my brother’s house. We weren’t being formal, so I dressed just formal enough for the holidays, but still casual. It was the first time I got to wear my new Migato shoes, and I really couldn’t wait. I loved how they looked with my outfit of the day. I actually re-wore this outfit to take these photos and some extra clips I needed for the Get ready with me video I made (you’ll find it below). Otherwise I wouldn’t have any outfit photos to show you today, due to the extremely cold temperatures these past few days. We have below zero temperatures, snow and ice everywhere and it’s impossible to take outfit photos for the blog in this cold. Hopefully they will rise again in the near future. How’s the temperature in your country?

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Over the knee boots yet again | Outfits

Over the knee boots yet again 5- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.com

I was going to publish this post earlier today, but I got delayed by so many things that I really couldn’t. But it’s up now, and I can finally show you my casual outfit of the day. Wool dress, over the knee boots, no sunglasses, and me looking sour and blinded in almost every pic. Haha I should have worn the sunglasses! They’re right there on my head! As I predicted every other photo of me is with my eyes closed, but oh well, I wanted to not be wearing my sunglasses in my outfit pics for a change. That day we met with friends at the mall to go shopping, eat lunch and drink coffee while catching up on our latest news. It was a full but good day, and the first one after the vlogmas videos I had the chance to stay up late and not need to get back home to edit another video. Hehe Hope you like the look!

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Bye bye 2016 – Best outfits of the year

Favorite outfits of 2016

Dear readers, as you might have seen, I skipped Tuesday’s post, because I was feeling too tired by everything that I’ve been doing this month, and I wanted some days off. I thought that it’s still holiday season, so you wouldn’t mind. Unfortunately I don’t have more outfits to show you for this month, but I do have my favorite outfits of the whole 2016. It’s been a crazy year. Many things have changed, even if it’s not apparent to everyone. I started my Youtube channel, which kept me busy throughout the year, but especially during December with the everyday Vlogs, aka Vlogmas, I changed the theme of this blog again to make it easier for all of us, and I increased the quality of the photos and the videos on my channel; hopefully that’s apparent by how much the photos have changed since July on. I’m busier but happier every day, and I hope that you continue to like the work I’ve been doing here. To be honest, I’m gonna need a few days off, because December have been very full and tiresome for me, but I’m gonna be back with more outfit posts (and more posts in general) for you! Hope you have an amazing New Year’s Eve. These are my favorite outfits of 2016, divided into months. You can find them all at one place, here.

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Dressed down holiday look | Outfits

Dressed down holiday look 9- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.com

Holidays are quickly approaching, and I couldn’t leave you without an outfit suggestion for those parties and family gatherings you will be attending in about a week. This time, I decided to dress down my look, and wear a sweater underneath it to make it warmer. Since the sweater is red, and the accessories too, it’s still a quite festive look, and paired with my over-the-knee boots it gets even more stylish and fashionable. You should try it too. There’s no reason to get cold during the holidays, when you can wear a festive outfit and be warm at the same time! What do you think? 😉

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Chokers & culottes | Outfits

Chokers & culottes 7- Outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.com

We took these outfit photos a few days ago; you can see some of the process in this Vlogmas video. I really loved this outfit in real life, though I noticed that it didn’t look as good in the photos we took of it. But that’s okay. Hopefully you can get an idea from them. I love how my red sweater looks with my culottes and I’m definitely going to try this combo with more colored sweaters from my collection. It can be worn from day to night; from work to go out for drinks after it. The choker makes it more casual and interesting and the velvet boots more fashionable. What do you think?

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