Shopping Spree

I’m not so proud to admit that I went shopping and spent a respectable amount of money on buying only a few things. Don’t rush into conclusions by thinking that I bought any designer clothes, or other expensive brands, because, it’s far beyond that. I actually went shopping at Zara stores and bought: a coat, a dress, a blouse, a bag, and a pair of shoes (In my defense, they were all from the new Spring-Summer 2011 collection).

I never bought so many staff from Zara, nor did I ever spend so much money on buying things that are usually cheap, in such stores, so this is a first. I used to keep my money, so I could buy something more expensive and more brand-y, but I didn’t find anything worth having. So I decided, why not spend it on something cheaper that I actually like. So this is what I bought.

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