Shopping in heels

In my previous post, I showed you, my latest shoe purchases, which brought my shoe collection to a total of 59 pairs! That’s a lot, but as a shoe lover, it’s so difficult to say no to new pairs. Especially if they are affordable! As I told you, I wore my newest black pair of sandals to go shopping the other day! Of course I had my emergency flat sandals with me, just in case I needed them, but I didn’t. When I tried them on, I found them really comfortable, so when the previous day of shopping in my flats tired me a lot, I thought I’d put these babies into a test to see how comfortable they really were. And guess what? They didn’t disappoint me! I was wearing them for 7 hours while shopping, and they didn’t hurt my feet at all! I wanna wear them all day long….

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Out of the blue

I know that I showed you the same bag and shoes just a few days ago, but in my defense, they were forgotten somewhere in my closet all summer (and of course all winter too) so they needed to get out and play.

Also, in my previous post, I promised to show you the dress I was wearing in Chalkidiki, so here it is too.

I hope you like them, as much as I do.

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First outfit post

DSC08594After spending weeks thinking about it, I finally decided to do an outfit post (my first one – woohoooo!). I already told you that I’m camera shy and I also have to add that I’m totally not photogenic at all (I have to take a hundred shots in order to get a good one). As much as I like taking pictures and keeping memorabilia, I suck when it comes to have my own taken. However, I always find it more interesting when I see outfit posts, in the blogs I’m reading, so I thought I’d take a shot.

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Shopping Spree

I’m not so proud to admit that I went shopping and spent a respectable amount of money on buying only a few things. Don’t rush into conclusions by thinking that I bought any designer clothes, or other expensive brands, because, it’s far beyond that. I actually went shopping at Zara stores and bought: a coat, a dress, a blouse, a bag, and a pair of shoes (In my defense, they were all from the new Spring-Summer 2011 collection).

I never bought so many staff from Zara, nor did I ever spend so much money on buying things that are usually cheap, in such stores, so this is a first. I used to keep my money, so I could buy something more expensive and more brand-y, but I didn’t find anything worth having. So I decided, why not spend it on something cheaper that I actually like. So this is what I bought.

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