January 2017 | Wishlist

January 2017 Wishlist

Happy New Year everyone! May 2017 bring you everything your heart desires. Hopefully it will be a much better year than 2016. Let’s move on to the wishlist though. This month’s wishlist is filled with neutral colors, and mostly outerwear, because you can say that I’m officially obsessed and I want to have more in my collection. You already know how much I love gray and pastels, now you know that I also love metallics in some forms at least. Would love to have every piece of this wishlist in my closet! Oh pretty please! Aren’t they amazing?

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Re-launching | Shop my closet

shop my closet 4 designer bags - DoYouSpeakGossip.comAlmost a year ago, I launched an e-shop to give some of my slightly-worn or never worn items a new home, since I wasn’t going to use them again. A few months later, in autumn, I had a proposal to help some friends sell their own stuff on my shop, and take all the needed pictures. It was an exciting idea with a tiring process that not only it took a lot of time, but it also took a lot of energy. Somewhere in between we paused the project, but carried on with it in spring.

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Shop my closet | Shop launch

Today, I’m super excited to announce to you that I just launched my shop. It’s something that was an idea in my head for over a year, and that I’ve meaning to do for months. It’s something that makes me super excited but at the same time a bit stressed too. It’s something new to me, and since I haven’t done it before, I have to learn how to do it. But let me tell you a few things about this new shop. All items on this store are taken from my closet. Most of them are slightly-worn and some of them never-worn, and have been sitting in my closet for years. I’m one of those people that get easily attached to anything, including inanimate objects, so I hesitated a lot before taking the decision to sell them. But since I haven’t worn them in years, there’s no reason for them to sit in my closet any longer. I worked really hard on this shop. I had to choose the items I didn’t need any more, make sure they’re in a good condition, photograph them (huge thanks to my model, my cousin A.!), wash them, iron then, create the shop, upload each item by hand, and then finally launch the shop. Also, huge thanks to T., who’s helped me with some technical stuff, but mostly because he’s been “holding my hand” during this really stressful but also exciting process. So check out the shop, browse through the categories (we have jeans, pants, tops/blouses, skirts, shorts, and bags), click on the items you like, to read their description, see more detailed photos, and add them to your cart, so they can find a new owner and be re-loved! Finally, huge thanks to all of you! Without your love and support, I probably wouldn’t have done this. So thank you very much!

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December’s wishlist

Good morning my lovely readers! How was your week? December is finally here, and we’re getting closer to Christmas every day. I’m so excited! Christmas is my favourite holiday. I love decorating my house, and making Christmas recipes, but it also leaves me really tired, as I’m now.

This is my wishlist of December. Hope you enjoy it, as much as I do. There aren’t many things for the holidays in this list, but I’m planning to do an extra post about them. I just need to find some time in my schedule to do some “research”.

Here we go.

1. B Brian Atwood Paramour Suede High Heel Booties, $450.00, $315 (30% off) or €242.66.

Photos taken from Shopbop

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