Spring Purchases Volume 1

16 March, 2011

Spring weather came with new purchases for me, a new pair of shoes and a new bag. I saw the bag in a shop window the other day, and knew immediately that it was exactly what I was looking for this whole time. You see, I had my eyes on the Mulberry’s Alexa bag from the first time I saw it, wishing I had a spare 940€ so I could buy it. Of course I wouldn’t mind owning a Proenza Schouler PS1 medium leather satchel either, given the similarities between the two of them, but unfortunately, I also didn’t have 1.365€ lying around (logical!). Given these facts, I was searching for a similar item to them but everything I found was of very poor quality, and not so appealing. Until I came across this one:

It’s from a Greek brand, called Savil which is an import leather company that has been established in Thessaloniki in 1995 (according to their site and their Facebook profile). The quality of it is good, as you can see in the pictures, and the price is also good, as it sells for only 59€.

Now for the similarities, I think it looks a lot like the Proenza Schouler PS1, but is has a twist lock instead of a press buckle, like the one “Alexa” has. I’m very excited to have found it and I think it will be the perfect Spring-Summer bag, and that’s the reason why I picked this icy-grey colour instead of another black one. As for the room inside the bag, it is plenty enough to put books in it, or even a small laptop (it has about 30cm length).

All pics shot by me

This post is going to be huge otherwise, so I’m splitting it into two parts.

Spring Purchases Volume 2 coming right up!

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