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14 March, 2011

As I promised you in a previous post, I am going to show you some of the other looks I created on Looklet, to give you some style inspiration for office looks. It is a style that I personally love, and I think that it can look really nice and even sexy, with the right accessories.

Office look doesn’t have to be boring, unfashionable or making you look older than your age. My advice is to keep it simple, wearing mainly earthy colours (and of course staple ones, like black, white, etc.), with splashes of brighter ones paired with simple accessories, like jewellery, scarves, bags and heels. The important part is to look fabulous even at work and at the same time feeling comfortable and, most of all, yourself. If you feel like you are in someone else’s clothes, then you just have to tone it down a little bit, in a more casual way, and make it feel more like you. Of course your outfit depends on the dressing code of your workplace, too.

Also, equally important is your make-up. Going to work without makeup on may not be a good idea (again, depends on your workplace), but try not to overdo it. Especially if you are still pretty young, keep it fresh and natural by not applying too many beauty products on your face. This way, you can achieve to look your age and not someone much older.

Hope you liked my looks and my advices. Of course, it’s only my opinion, which comes from my personal liking, style and experience. I’m neither an expert nor a professional stylist or make-up artist, and I’m definitely not trying to look like one. I would like to read your comments and your personal opinions too, so no need to be shy, leave your comment below. 🙂

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