A little bit of blue

22 April, 2011

This is what I wore to go to my brother’s house a few days ago. Yet again a casual outfit, and nothing special. I know I promised you more accessories, but I don’t usually wear jewellery that often in my everyday life. Maybe I’ll wear some in a future post with a less casual style. My casual clothes are nothing special. I always prefer dressing up, but with nowhere to go at this time there’s no reason for it.

Striped Jumper: Stradivarius (yes I know, again! But it’s so comfortable)

Coat: Lucifair

Jeans: Lee

Shoes: Zara

Bag: Savil

These are some awkward poses, I know, but let’s look at the amazing “spring colors” instead. They can totally change my mood. Do you like wearing bright colors or do you prefer darker ones?

P.S. Happy Easter everyone!

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13 comments on “A little bit of blue

  1. AAAAW the blue suede pumps from Zara. I have been lusting over these babes for months now, but I do not like the kitten heel !!!! They look awesome on you though 🙂

    • Thank you so much Stephanie! 🙂
      I don’t like the kitten heel either, I prefer high heels or flats, nothing in between. However, I liked the color of these so much from the moment I saw them that I couldn’t resist buying them.
      I have only worn them twice, but unfortunately I find them really uncomfortable. They are cut too low on the sides.

    • exeis dikio veronica auta foraw! k egw trelainomai gia kati tetoia xrwmata k me to pou ta eida ta agorasa…eixa grapsei k se paliotero post gia auta!
      Ante na erthei to kalokairaki giati akoma palto forame..ta varethika!

  2. Wraia!!! I loved the shoes and the whole outfit, and so sweet, the blue heart!!!! Poli poli wraia, kardia!
    Did you have a nice Easter? I hope so! I am free from my last exam!!! Now I can post much more again – I am feeling so free!!!

    • Hey Denise! Thank you for your sweet comment.
      My Easter was great, I’m preparing a long post about it to show you all.
      I’m so happy for you that your exams are finally over. I can’t wait to read your posts again! 🙂
      Did you write those Greek words by yourself or you used a translator? Cause you did great!

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