Movie night

21 June, 2011

A few nights ago we went to see another movie, this time the “Pirates of the Caribbean – on stranger tides”. It was a bit chilly that day so I decided to wear pants and a ¾ sleeve top to keep me warm.

There’s almost nothing here you haven’t seen, so I didn’t take pictures of the whole outfit. You can see the outfit here, and I’ll show you some of its details, as I promised you back then.

I was wearing my stripped top from Zara, Dolce & Gabbana pants, Vintage necklace and ring, Calvin Klein watch and Donna Karan sunglasses. Instead of my Guess pumps, I wore back then, I wore my Capodarte peep-toe pumps I wore a few posts back because they feel more summery.

Except for the shoes, I wore a different watch and I added this vintage ring which my mom gave me, but it’s way older.

This is a close-up of the ring. It was a bit big again for my middle finger so later I put it on my index finger. I haven’t worn a ring there for ages. It was so strange.

Do you like the ring? I tried to take some close-up pics of the necklace too, but it wasn’t really visible on me in the photos so I shot it without the outfit.

It has a very interesting and beautiful clasp, it would be a pity not to show it to you.

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36 comments on “Movie night

  1. I loooooved the ring and the necklace very very very much! I love the way you match colors, so blue ring? Blue and black jumper! Really nice! Did you like the movie? People are saying it’s nice!
    I loved the watch as well!!! Not to mention the nails! Which bag did you wear together with the whole outfit? Anyway, I’m sure it was a beautiful one! (I want the blue version of your green bag, you know? You said there is an electric blue one in the store, xaxaxa!) The blue version would be perfect with the outfit now!
    Anyway, lovely as usual!!!!!

    • Thank you Denise! Sometimes I choose an outfit starting from the shoes I want to wear, other times from the clothes. This time I chose the stripped jumper and then I chose to wear this blue ring that my mom gave me about a month ago, and have never worn since.
      I was in such hurry to leave that I couldn’t even take full outfit pics, and totally forgot about the bag. My priority this time was to show you the jewelry, since I didn’t do it the last time I wore this outfit. I think I wore my black D&G bag, I usually drag with me all the time. I’ve shown it many times here, but I’m sure you’ll see it again in one of my future outfit posts.
      The movie was quite good, I liked it. Probably there’s gonna be another one.
      And yes the blue version of my green bag would be perfect for this outfit. If only I could afford to buy both. I don’t know if it’s still available, but there was an electric blue one too. And a cute pink and an orange one. 🙂

  2. Hi again!

    Beautiful accessories the necklace and ring! Vintage inspired!
    Τώρα νιώθω λίγο αστεία που σου γράφω στα Αγγλικά!:) Ας όψεται το international κοινό!:) Μένω Πυλαία, κι εσύ το ίδιο? Αν και ετοιμάζομαι να μετακομίσω έξω…:)

    Τα λέμε!
    Stories and Sequins

    • Geia sou Chrysa! S’euxaristw poli! Katalavainw ti les, k egw aisthanomai perierga na grafw sta agglika otan milaw se ellines…Mou vgainoun k pio diskola….
      Tha orkizomouna oti meneis Panorama! Giati se polles fwtografies tou blog sou fainetai apo pisw ena poli xaraktiristiko spiti katevainontas apo panorama gia thermi!

  3. Γεια και πάλι!! Βασικά, όντως Πανόραμα είναι πολλές φωτογραφίες, συγκεκριμένα στον κήπο του φίλου μου:) Μένει εκείνος στην περιοχή που κατάλαβες! Οπότε πολλές βγαίνουν στον κήπο του, επειδή περνάω κάποιες μέρες τις εβδομάδας εκεί! Είναι γειτονιά με εκείνο το σπίτι:) Μιλάμε και Αγγλικά και Ελληνικά, ό,τι θέλεις!

    • Geia sou kai pali! 🙂 Kala katalava diladi! Giati einai poli xaraktiristiko to spiti kai paraxeneutika…Exei plaka otan anagnwrizeis kapoia meri stis fwtografies… S’euxaristw poli pou mou apantises! 🙂
      Elpizw na ta xanapoume sintoma!

  4. Love the nail color and the stripes is pretty too, is that round watch that you’re wearing on your left hand side is very awesome, love this post! xx Joice

  5. nice necklace and ring !

    come for a visit to my blog you’ll find a nice GIVEAWAY
    Which language do you speak?


  6. uperoxo t rige.m kanei pl prada k m trelainei,einai super!wraia k t accesories s 🙂 teleio t outfit!elpizw oi pirates n mh s apogohteusan.thelw k egw n dw thn tainia,exw dei k 3 k perimena t 40 pws k pws.filia 🙂

    • S’euxaristw poli Despina mou! Ontws k mena mou ekane poli Prada i mplouza, kai m aresei! 🙂
      Oxi, den me apogoiteusan, itan arketa wraia tainia, nomizw kaliteri ap’tin teleutaia…Exei endiaferousa ploki, kai ap’oso kserw tha akolouthisei kai 5.
      Egw perimenw pws kai pws ton teleutaio Harry Potter. Filia!

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