Blue & leopard | Outfits

I wore this outfit on Saturday to go out for dinner. Those of you, who follow me on Instagram and/or Facebook, might have already seen photos from that night. Since, however, it was too dark to take proper outfit photos that night, I asked my dear friend N. to take photos of my outfit the next day, so I can show it to you. I was thinking of completely different accessories, but when I saw this bag, the whole combination hit me, and I changed my mind. I want to thank my friend N. for taking the time to help me with these photos! 🙂 And by the way, this is a scheduled post, since I’m on my vacation since yesterday. Wish me a good time!

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Florals & neon | Outfits

Neutrals, neons, and florals for a really hot day downtown, which ended with – what else? – a thunderstorm. Seems like the whole month is going to be like this. I rarely wear florals, but I guess it’s nice in small doses, and only for my upper body. The same goes for neons. I love my neon yellow bag, but it gets too many stares when I take it out. Ah, who cares? I’m so tired of getting stares for being more dressed up than the 95% of my city’s residents. I’m not feeling like myself when I’m not in heels and there’s nothing wrong with wearing a bit of a color during warm months. Do you agree?

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What I wore for Easter | Outfits

Hello guys! This is the outfit I wore for Easter (Greek Orthodox Easter was on May 5th this year). I didn’t wear anything special for the usual family lunch but I wore this outfit to go out the same night. I want to apologize in advance for the quality of photos on this post, but I thought it would be better to ask my mom to take them, instead of using a tripod, but she was way too tired (and the sun had already set) and in a hurry that she didn’t take good ones. It was a really nice outfit in real life, and it got me many compliments. So sad I couldn’t capture it in a better way.

Take a glimpse of our Easter food in the end of this post.

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Valentine’s Day | outfit inspiration

When you hear about Valentine’s Day you definitely think of red, hearts everywhere, red and RED. Well, wearing red on Valentine’s Day would be the obvious choice, but once in a while I get tired of the clichés and want to try something else. This is an outfit I would totally wear on Valentine’s Day: ladylike, elegant with the right amount of sexy. My red hair is all I need for the daily dosage of the color of love. But if you’re not a redhead, well, there’s always the option of red underwear, and sexy lace. Think about it!

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Casual attire for a morning coffee date | Outfit

I wore this outfit the day we went for coffee with Maria from Style Bows, but didn’t have the chance to photograph it, so I decided to wear it last week to go for a morning coffee date with T. I was going to wear it with these matching pumps this time, but I somehow managed to sprain my ankle 2 weeks ago, and I couldn’t “climb” on my heels. And to be honest I had to stop wearing heels from the first day this happened. But at first I thought that it would pass, but then the doctor told me it was a sprain. So no heels for me, for a while, until my ankle heals…. I hope I don’t pressure it with the amount of walking I’ll be doing in London (I’m returning today by the way, so this is a scheduled post).

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