Hot summer afternoon

23 June, 2011

On a hot summer afternoon, I decided it was time, to wear my most comfortable strapless dress to visit my bf and take some photos for you. The light didn’t help as the sun has already begun to fall, but I did the best with what I got.

I bought this dress last year, and I already regret not buying it in every color I could. I just love it! And that’s why you’re going to see it a lot this summer. After all, clothes are not to be worn only once, so you’re going to see a lot of repeating in my outfits. That doesn’t mean that I’ll be showing you the same looks again and again (even though I like having some “uniform outfits” – outfits that I like as they are so I wear them often), but I’ll be using many of my clothes you’ve already seen in creating new outfits to show you.

I’m wearing: Lussile dress, Penny Black bag, Miss Sixty shoes, Donna Karan sunglasses, Oysho necklace, vintage watch, Dyrberg/Kern cuff bracelet.

And that’s me! I’ve been meaning to show you a close up of my manicure, but it was a complete failure and waste of my time, so I won’t. Better luck next time I guess. I hope you have a fantastic day! Feel free to leave me your lovely comments. Reading them makes me so happy!

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29 comments on “Hot summer afternoon

  1. Wow, this color is really pretty and the dress is really so beautiful! I liked it very much, and I totally understand you when you say “you regret not having the dress in every possible color!” I loved the style! I think I have a similar one in fuschia and one in black… and they are so comfortable!
    Oh, such a pity, I would love to see the manicure, you know how much I like your manicure! But OK, another time then! I’m sure there’ll be other times! Well, so now… I will be back on Sunday… 🙁 And on Monday I sweaaaaar I will answer you, some things I want to, and will explain why then now only Sunday/Monday… you’ll see! So, have a great weekend!!!!!!!!! (I hope we get to see what you did then! 🙂

    • Thank you Denise! It’s the most comfortable summer dress. I can wear it all day long. I’m sure I’ll find something similar in the future, it can’t be so hard.
      I wanted to show you my manicure, and I took some picture during the process but after some steps it got so messy that it was a total failure, especially if you look at it closely. I was going to make a “watermelon manicure” but my polishes weren’t so good and I have shaky hands, so the result wasn’t so good. But if you look at the pictures you can get an idea. The thing is that they look more like italian flags, than watermelons…hehe….Next time I’ll stick to the usual monochromatic manicures.
      Have a great weekend with lots of fun! We’ll talk when you get back! 🙂

    • Kalispera Christina! Se euxaristw poli kai pali! Nai elpizw oi epomenes na einai pio epitiximenes…tha meinw sto klassiko monoxrwmo/dixrwmo manicure…hehe…eimai arxaria akoma! 🙂 filia!

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