Nailed it!

1 July, 2011

Recently my love for nail polishes is becoming bigger. So I went to the stores, and bought 6 new colours and one fast drying top coat. This time I chose even more bold and summery colours, and I’m presenting them to you.


From left to right: GT Cosmetics Glitter nail polish no. 9, Seventeen Supreme watermelon red no. 28, Erre Due exclusive coral no. 40, GT Cosmetics yellow no. 13, GT Cosmetics bright green no. 9, GT Cosmetics bright purple no. 7 and finally Mavala Mavadry Fast drying nail polish finish.



 I was really satisfied with GT Cosmetics nail polishes so I bought many from their collection. They have a great variety of colors, they’re drying fast, and they have a really good price.

A close up of the nail polishes.




The green one is way brighter than it looks (almost neon). I tried to capture the real color of it but it was impossible.

I also bought some nail stickers I’ve been wanting for a long time now. I didn’t find many styles I liked or they were too expensive, so I bought these ones to try them on, and decide whether or not I should buy more of them.


I’ll try them out and I’ll tell you my opinion. I still haven’t tried some of the polishes I bought last time though.

Do you like them?

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22 comments on “Nailed it!

  1. Wow! In Vienna! Amazing! Enjoy it a lot! I was without internet for 10 days, back now at least up to Friday… I hope it works now! I loved the “maxi-mize” outfit, the colors, everything, very inspiring (I really really loved it!) You look lovely! And now these colors… I love glitter ail polish and the 17 red one… will look fabulous! I am eager to see your pictures from Vienna! It’s such a lovely city and I am sure you’ll have amazing pictures as usual!!!! Filakia polla!!!!

  2. Geia sou koukla! Ego panta xrisimopoio ta Seventeen & Erre Due, kai bebaia ta Essie!!! Mou aresoun poli ta dika sou! Filia, apo tin kriti!

    • Geia sou Vanda! S’euxaristw poli gia to comment sou! Pragmatika ta Seventeen kai ta erre due einai para poli kala kai volika!
      Filia apo Thessaloniki!

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    • S’euxaristw poli Anna! Vasika einai ena poli entono prasino, alla den evgaine me tipota to xrwma stis fwtografies…Einai akoma pio wraio ap’oti fainetai. Kai egw ta GT ta prwtodokimasa prin ligo kairo, den ta ixera, k epeidi emeina poli ikanopoiimeni ta xanaagorasa…
      S’euxaristw poli kai gia to award….:) tha prospathisw na to kanw kai egw mesa stis epomenes imeres.

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