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23 August, 2011

I had this outfit as an idea in my head for a while now, but kept postponing it. But I think that it’s finally time to show it to you, before the summer ends.

It’s inspired by the one and only Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City, by an outfit she wore on season 5 creating one of this summer’s biggest trends, colorblocking.

Of course back in the days of Sex and the City series, this dress was picked to cover Sarah Jessica Parker’s pregnancy, but it’s still a really nice outfit in my opinion, and quite modern I must say.

So today’s outfit, as I already told you is inspired by this one.

Do it like Carrie 3

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I had the same dress, in similar color (different hue maybe) and a big blue bag (unfortunately not a Hermes Birkin one). The only thing missing from the outfit were the red shoes, which I don’t have, so I wore blue ones instead (same color as the bag) and opted for red accessories to finish the look.

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Wearing: Lussile dress, D&G Lily bag and shoes, Donna Karan sunglasses, random belt, vintage bracelet (left hand) and a Swarowski embellished one (right one) by local store Delight of Light. On my fingernails, a pearly blue color by GT Cosmetics (Greek brand, no. 10) and on my toenails a yolky-yellow one, again by GT Cosmetics, no. 13.

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Close up of the accessories:

And a close up of the shoes:

I was so in love with that bag when I first saw it that I couldn’t resist buying it. Of course it had matching shoes and matching belt, and my mom insisted on buying them all. How could I say no to this (even though I was buying them with my own money-not my mum’s)?

This is the whole family right after I got them.

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Excuse the tags, I was so excited that I forgot to take them off before I shot the pics. Of course this pic was shot two years ago, but I still love it.

So did you like my Carrie inspired outfit?

Feel free to gossip about it on the comments section below.

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Have a nice day everyone!


Feel free to Gossip about it:

49 comments on “Do it like Carrie

  1. teleio colorblocking! H tsanta einai polu wraia…ki egw, de 8a ths antistekomouna…kai san xrwma tairiazei polu me to forema. Opws epishs tairiazei k h kokkinh zwnh polu wraia me to forema!!

    • S’euxaristw poli Anna mou. Poli diskolo na tis antistathw…To afisa merikes meres na to skeftw, alla epestrepsa na tin parw prin tin paroune alloi…Kai as mou stoixise enan mistho :/ Tin agapaw!!!…hehe
      To paraxeno einai oti k mena mou arese poli i kokkini zwni me to forema…kai as einai prasino..prwti fora to dokimasa…na deis pou tha agapisw auton ton sindiasmo sto telos! 🙂

    • Ax se euxaristw poli Maraki gia ta kala sou logia!
      Kai mena mou aresei poli i dikia mou (den tha elega oxi vevaia gia mia Birkin), alla me to comment sou mou eftiaxes ti diathesi! 🙂

  2. I’m speechless! This is the best outfit I saw you wearing, no joke no joke no joke! You had such a great idea, and I loved the blue shoes too, in the place of the red ones! If you promise to believe me, I prefer your outfit’s interpretation much more than the original one (it’s also because you are much muuuuch more beautiful than SJP – and you know this!) I also prefer your bag to the Birkin one – and, well, you rocked (I know I said this to you one of these days, but it’s true!), you look really fabulous!

    • Oh my sweet Denise you really made my day (or maybe night!) :). Thank you so much for your lovely comment. It put a huge smile on my face. 😀
      I really had this outfit in my mind for more than a month, but I finally got to make it happen so I can show it here. And I must say that I loved it too. I had this dress for 2 summers, and never thought of wearing it with a belt. I wasn’t a belt person for so many years, except for the practical reason to wear them. Thank you so much for saying that I’m more beautiful than SJP, hehe, I would love to have a Birkin though ,and blue is indeed one of my favourite colors. But I was so in love when I first saw this bag, and I kept it for so long in my closet this summer. It was finally time for her to see the light again. Thank you, thank you, thank you again! 🙂

  3. m aresei poly i apoxrwsi tou mple pou exun ta papoutsia k i tsanta su!
    ps)dn ixera oti i GT itan elliniki marka..pou zw??k exun apisteuta vernikia!

    • S’euxaristw para poli Penny! 🙂 Nai, ap’oso kserw einai elliniki marka, panw sta vernikia leei Gavrilis Group, kai nomizw oti einai i idia etaireia pou vgazei kai ta Tommy G. Para poli wraia xrwmata kai sinithws poli eukola stin efarmogi.

  4. Ta papoutsia einai poly thilika, poly omorfo outfit. E ma de ftais esi pou ta pires kai ta 3! H mama sou ftaiei profanws 😛

    • Thank you so much j! 🙂 I usually watch the sex and the city episodes every summer, again and again, and from the moment I saw this outfit, and noticed I have the same dress, I’ve been thinking to make an ispired outfit of it. Those dresses are so comfortable. I don’t think I’ll stop wearing mine, anytime soon.

  5. Hey! Fisika kai eimai ellinida, psixi te kai swmati hahaha 🙂 Apla twra eimai stin Ameriki!
    Akolouthw to blog sou me to GFC, giati de me vlepeis? :/ Etsi akolouthw ola ta blogs mou! To blogger mou kanei kati provlimatakia twra teleutaiws, de kserw giati. Tha to mallwsw 😛

    • Aaa epeidi diavasa to about sou kai elege nomizw oti exeis zisei 7 xronia stin Ellada, kai fantastika oti den eisai Ellinida..Apli aporia..Sorry gia tin erwtisi, an akoustike periergi! 🙂
      Isws ekana lathos egw…To nick sou sto GFC einai Y, etsi? Egw protimw na ta akolouthw me to Bloglovin, mias kai to blog m einai powered by Wodpress, kai to GFC den m xrisimevei poli…Alla m aresei na ipostirizw ta blog pou m aresoune kai na tous anevazw tous followers kai s auto …hehe 🙂

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