Vacation Diary

26 August, 2011

I’ve been meaning to show you where I’ve been on my vacations, and what better way than showing you some of the pics I took.

As my frequent readers already know, the 2nd part of my summer vacation included sunbathing at the beach in N.Marmaras, Chalkidiki. I’ve been going to this place almost every summer of my life, as my cousins have a house there.

This place is called Kavourotripes (which actually means crab holes, if you translate it in English), I guess because of its rocks and their shape. It takes some walking to reach the beach, but it’s really beautiful. It’s not in N.Marmaras, in fact it took us some time to get there by car, as it’s in the opposite direction of the “leg” as we call them. (see the red territory in the map, this is Chalkidiki, and these are her 3 fingers, or legs as Greeks call them.)

They view from the rocks, is just breathtaking.

Here are some photos of the amazing beach near the house where I stayed. It’s out of the city center and this beach is like private, because not many people know about it, maybe because you have to go through the “jungle” to find it. And in the “jungle” is where our house is.

Love this place!

Do you like my yellow nails? I put some stickers on them this time. And they didn’t chip at all. In fact I had to discolor them myself, to paint them another color, because I have a wedding to attend this Saturday. So they stayed like this for about 3 weeks, during which I did some swimming in the sea, took walks at the beach, and many more.

In case you’re interested, it’s once more by GT Cosmetics (Greek brand) no. 13.

Some night shots:

Cocktails at our favourite place in N.Marmaras.

From left to right: Strawberry Margarita, Orgasm cocktail, and Big Boy cocktail.

They were all delicious but I specifically liked the Orgasm cocktail (no, not because of its name. Believe me, there were worse cocktail names in the menu).

In the meanwhile, I checked my blog’s comments on my bf’s Blackberry (thank you again, love!) and enjoyed my cocktail with the company of my friends while looking at the sea, and the beautiful full moon.

In the first picture I’m wearing a new dress I bought, which I’ll show you soon, and my Michael Kors watch. In the second pic, a Lynne dress, Dyrberg/Kern cuff bracelet, and my Hakuna Matata bracelet (from a beach vendor, made in front of me, with the colors I picked).

This is the marina of N.Marmaras at sunset. Beautiful image.

Another beach we passed by, to go to a nearby tavern, the last day of our trip.

Returning home is always a bittersweet feeling. But we had fun.

Now, it’s your turn to tell me your thoughts. Waiting for your comments and please follow my blog any way you like, to show me you support.


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36 comments on “Vacation Diary

  1. Simply fantastic! That beach is paradise, and I’m glad you had a great time! I loved the views, I loved the beach, only for you!!! The rocks are amazing, eveything! And I like the bikini, in two colors, right? The style is also great!
    Then came the cocktails! I was going to say the same you said “orgasm is my favorite, but not because of the name”! What are the other names they have there? I know in Hanover they had once a sweet cocktail (the only ones I like, and I know you too), called Screaming orgasm!!!!
    I loved the dress you wore, blue with chains, really nice, and I really loved the bracelets! And the nail polish (and the flower!) too! Amazing it didn’t chip! I think I need some bottles of it (in some colors)!
    So, now I hope you are relaxed and that you have lots of fun at home too! And when I read “wedding on Saturday” I got happy, thinking of the new post showing the outfit you’ll wear tomorrow!!! Filakia pollaaaaa!
    P.S. – the more I read about these amazing views, the more I want to go there! I’ll let you know!!! 🙂

    • Thank you so much Denise! I’m glad you liked my photos! You can always come to Greece to see the view from up close! 🙂
      Yes, I bought my bikini in two colors, green and purple, although I mixed it with other bottoms I have too. Red and green must be my favourite combination this summer. The cocktails were great, I tasted the Orgasm one when my cousin ordered it and the next day I oredered one too. Baileys (Irish Cream) is one of its basic ingredients. They had some names that even my cousin was ashamed to order, like the “take me from everywhere” cocktail. kinky stuff..hehe
      At first I didn’t like the yellow nail polish at all, I think it looked weird, and that’s why I decided not to paint my fingernails yellow too, and went with a blue one instead. But I like it very much now, especially when I put those flower stickers one. So cute. 🙂 I don’t think you can find the brand out of Greece. I didn’t know the brand until this year, that a sales girl recommended it to me. But it has many nice colors and I’m really satisfied with them. You can tell me which colors you’d like and I can send them to you.
      I just tried on the dress for the wedding tomorrow, to see if it still fits, and luckily it still does. Even though I’ll start a diet from September 1st. I gained some kilos during the holidays. I hope I’ll have the time to take photos… I want so much to show you my outfit. Even though I’ve already showed you many of its parts. 🙂
      Filakia polla! Such a long reply, I’m sorry…

  2. Exw episkefthei tin perioxi kai einai pragmatika iperoxa. Malista kapote skeftomouna na zisw ekei gia merika xronia…
    Oi pleksoudes sou sti paralia kai to kanarini pedicure einai poli xaritwmena!! Fainetai na perases yperoxa!

    • Nai ontws einai para poli wraia, alla den nomizw oti tha antexa na zisw ekei to xeimwna..poso mallon gia merika xronia….
      S’euxaristw poli gia ta kala sou logia! Perasa poli kala! 🙂

  3. entopisa kitrina katapliktika nixakia…ti kalokairino xroma thee m!apla to agapo!iperoxo to perivallon!i fisi se olo tis to megaleio…ta mallia sou mou aresan idiaitera!mou aresei poli pou dokimazeis diafora xtenismata k ta petixaineis!!!se 8aumazo g auto tolmo na po!!!hahahha!!!filakia polla!:)

    • Ax se euxaristw para poli gia ta iperoxa logia sou! Stin arxi den mou aresan katholou ta kitrina nixia, alla argotera ta sinithisa kai ta agapisa mporw na pw! 🙂
      Gia na sou pw tin alitheia, den dokimazw kai tosa xtenismata…sinithws ta mallia mou ta afinw poli xima…makari na ixera na kanw perissotera pragmata, alla den pianoune ta xeria mou…Akoma kai sto makigiaz ta poli vasika kanw…

  4. Oh, how amazing days You had! Beautiful scenery and amazing places where to enjoy vacation. You look wonderful in your blue bikini. This shade of blue looks gorgeous on You, oh, but which colour isn’t looking gorgeous on You! I live your yellow nail polish and that You added nail stucker, looks so cute and fun , just perfect for Summer. Every photo is wonderful and You look amazing .

    xoxo Ra

    • Aww thank you so much for your lovely comment again Ramona! You’re really sweet. My bikini is actually green, but it can be confusing. Here, I paired it with purle bottoms to make a contrast. And yes, I couldn’t resist to this summer’s trend and I tried the yellow nail polish too. 🙂

    • Thank you My Fashion Diary. Yes, Greece has definitely many beautiful places to visit, both during winter and summer. You should think about coming sometime. 🙂

  5. Γεια!

    Συγγνώμη που χάθηκα!:( Απλά εδώ “τρέχω” λίγο και περνάω λιγότερη ώρα μπροστά στην οθόνη!
    Περιττό να σου πω ότι ζηλεύω τρομερά που πήγες Καβουρότρυπες! ¨εχω να πάω από πρόπερσι:(:( Ο φίλος μου με “μύησε” στο δεύτερο πόδι, πριν από εκείνον ιδέα δεν είχα τί έχανα! Φέτος μόνο στο πρώτο πήγα..
    Το μπλε χρώμα σου πάει φοβερά! Όντως πάει πολύ με το χρώμα του δέρματός σου, είδα και το τελευταίο post σου, πάω να σχολιάσω….!!!

    Μου είχες κάνει σχόλιο για τον φωτογράφο του blog μου…:) Στην Ελλάδα, ναι, είναι ο φίλος μου και του έδωσα τα συγχαρητήριά σου! Η αλήθεια δε βαριέται καθόλου! Του αρέσει κιόλας και προσέχει:) Το καλό είναι ότι έχει και καλή μηχανή.. Εδώ στη Ζυρίχη έχω τον αδερφό μου τρομάρα του!!! Παραπονιέται συνήθως, αν και τον καταφέρνω στο τέλος..:):) Απλά επειδή όλη μέρα είναι στο νοσοκομείο – είναι γιατρός- ή δε θα προλάβω τον ήλιο ή θα είναι ψόφιος ακόμα και για αυτό! Οπότε ευτυχώς που έχω τα Σ/Κ!!

    Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ και για το ;ότι συμπεριέλαβες το blog μου στο blogroll σου και το FB page μου στο sidebar σου:D:D Ειλικρινά το εκτιμώ πολύ!:D

    Ευτυχώς ξανανέβηκε η θερμοκρασία εδώ γιατί δε θα το άντεχα από τώρα κρύο!

    Πάω να σχολιάσω τα υπόλοιπα posts σου!

    Stories and Sequins

    • Geia sou Chrysa! Den peirazei, oloi exoume kai tin real life mas makria ap’to computer, einai fisiologiko kai anamenomeno na xanomaste pou kai pou.
      Nomizw oti einai i prwti fora pou piga kavourotripes…Girisame ligo olo to 2o podi fetos. Sinithws menw sto Marmara kiriws opou exoun ta xaderfia mou ekswxiko kai pame ekei. S’euxaristw para poli gia ta kala sou logia!
      hehe s’euxaristw pou tou meteferes ta sigxaritiria mou tote…eisai poli tixeri pou exei orexi na se fwtografizei. Emena den tou aresei idiaiterws alla me voithaei oso mporei, den exw parapono…Thelw na parw kai egw mia kaliteri kamera gia na vgazw kaliteres fwtografies, alla eixane anevei poli oi times to kalokairi kai perimena na pesoune ligaki….Kala, gia ton aderfo mou oute sizitisi, den tha ton epeitha me tpt na me vgalei fwtografies, eidika gia kati tetoio…oute kan kserei oti exw blog…mallon den tha to enekrine…
      Parakalw, den kanei tpt gia ta like kai gia to blogroll. Mou aresei poli to blog sou, kai m’aresei na ipostirizw fellow bloggers, eidika otan me stirizoune kai auytes toso poli me ta sxolia tous klp….
      S’euxaristw poli gia ola sou ta sxolia…Na pernas kala, kai paw na dw kai ta ipoloipa…hehe 🙂
      Filia polla!

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