Purple and Yellow

8 August, 2011

Hello my dear readers! How is everyone? Today I’m leaving for vacation again, I’m going to stay at my cousins’ house in Chalkidiki for a week. So, all the posts you’ll read from me this week are written in advance. I’m still going to read and approve your comments during my stay there, so please give me your thoughts in the comment section below.

My boyfriend took all the photos of this post. He’s helping me as much as he can lately, and I want to thank him for this. I really appreciate it.

I wanted something to pair with my new H&M shorts, and I decided to take this yellow bag with me, which gives a nice contrasting effect. This bag is really old and I think I have it since I was a teenager, but I stopped wearing it for years, until I decided to take off its handle and keep it as a clutch. I then remembered that I had a pair of yellow sandals as well, which I hadn’t worn for years either, and I tried them on. I know that matching the bag with the shoes is not so much in fashion any more, but growing up, my mother always told me it’s classier this way. And sometimes I completely agree. Nothing beats the old and classic combination of a bag with matching shoes. It gives a more symmetrical result that I really like.

Wearing: Killah top (the necklace came with it), H&M shorts, really old random bag, custom-made leather shoes and Michael Kors watch. On my fingernails GT cosmetics no. 7 and on my toenails Erre Due exclusive no. 145.

And of course, the shoes:

They are really old and not so high, but they were just fine for a slow night out. A bit tight on me though, they tired me a bit.

But, I want to hear your opinion about the outfit, so you know the drill. Leave me your comments and any question in the comments section below.

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31 comments on “Purple and Yellow

  1. πολύ ωραίος ο συνδυασμός μωβ+κίτρινο! είναι από τους αγαπημένους μου!! το σορτσάκι είναι πολύ ωραίο επίσης. έχει ωραία μοτίβα 🙂
    Καλά να περάσεις στη Χαλκιδική!

  2. Really great! At first I thought it was a skirt, but when I saw the second picture I thought “maybe shorts?” and yes, you wrote they are shorts. I loved the colors, the floral pattern (I love flowers!), the whole outfit! As usual! And matching purse and shoes, why not? I simply loved it – the clutch (now a clutch! Great!) is super nice, cheerful and the sandals very beautiful! Again, my eyes pkayed a trick – at first I thought they were mules, but when I could see better I saw they were/are sandals. Loooovely yellow sandals, I was looking for a nice pair of yellow shoes for very long – and didn’t find the way I really wanted it. But no problem at all!
    So, I loved your sandals even more!
    I’m very very glad you are enjoying the summer, and I always heard that Chalkidiki is great!
    In the meantime, I got much better, till the next time, in about 7 days… I really have to write you an email to explain why – and I will, when you come back!
    Till there, thanks for all your support, you are amazing, not only a wonderful sense of style but sweet too! Filakia polla!!!!

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment Denise! Always so sweet! 🙂
      You know I thought of you the other day, I was in the store were I bought my bow sandals that you said you liked, and I found that they have many more left, mostly in sizes 36 and one in 38 I think, and with -50%. Great deal! I got mine full price then.
      The yellow ones, are kind of sandals, but I had bought many mules at the same period from the same guy, who custom-made them for me.
      I’ll be waiting for your email then, when I get back. I should have already left, I’m so late and have so many more things to do!
      Filakia polla! We’ll talk when I get back! 🙂

  3. Lucky you! I got back to work today, I adore the outfit the color combo is very cute, not often seen but looks cute, I know bag and shoes are not to match mandatory but like the way it looks, yay for photographer boyfriends they are the best, enjoy your stay with your cousins!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

    • S’euxaristw poli. Den evala kati katw ap’ta matia mou. Einai kartounistika matia me magoulakia gia na min fainontai ta dika mou matia. Kati opws esi pou kriveis olo sou to proswpo,kovwntas to kefali stis fwtografies.

  4. I like your shorts M!I agree on matching bag with shoes- I usually do it when I m wearing black or brown leather (try to match the shade of the brown leather in my shoes/bag or belt) but I think it’s very difficult to be done when you are wearing other colours like in your case: yellow!how do you manage?

    • I used to match my bag with my shoes when I was younger, so I have many matching bags\shoes. Nowadays I don’t really care, since fashion has changed.

  5. Wow! You look so amazing darling. This colour mix is so beautiful and romantic. Your shoes and bag are perfect touch to this look. Absolutely faving this look!
    Have a great holiday!

    xoxo Ra

  6. The color combination is so sweet, purple is one my favourite colors as well! Especially your top has this shade of lavender, which I deeply love:) Your floral pattern shorts are lovely! It makes such a girly combination with bright yellow:) You have accessorized your outfit very well with that bag and shoes:)

    Τα γυαλιά στην τελευταία φωτό με τρελαίνουν!!!!:D Λίγες μέρες στη Χαλκιδική για μένα φέτος, ο φίλος μου είχε πολλή δουλειά και δε μπορέσαμε να λείψουμε πολύ!!:(

    Many kisses!!!!
    Stories and Sequins

    • Thank you again so much for all your kind and sweet words Chrysa!
      Ta gialia kai ta matakia mpainoune panta haha, den ta apoxwrizomai….
      Emeis meiname kamia evdomada, alla eixame poli megali parea kai ginotane enas panikos genika!

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