A forest full of plane trees…

11 August, 2011

That’s my idea of paradise! I would love to live next to a forest of plane trees (platanus). Their smell is the best smell in the world, it instantly puts a smile on my face. I’m lucky enough to be living under two of those trees for a few days, since I’m still at my cousin’s house in Chalkidiki. Growing up, I spent most of my summers in this house. So, the smell of plane trees is something that brings me back so many childhood memories. I once begged my mum to plant some of these trees in our garden, but unfortunately I didn’t succeed. Thankfully, there’s a whole forest of those, really close to my house so I can go there and enjoy a walk among them, while taking advantage of their thick shade and smell them as much as I like! 🙂

I went there again a few days ago to take these pictures for my blog, and I promise to go back again really soon. I couldn’t really decide on which ones to include here, so I have to warn you that there’s going to be a picture load on this post.

Wearing: top: Zara, skirt: no idea (bought a few years back in a local store), bag: Savil, shoes: exe (Greek brand), hat: Stradivarius, necklace Oysho, watch: Michael Kors, bracelet: gift from my godmother. Sunglasses: same as always, Donna Karan.

All photos are taken by my boyfriend, whom I want to thank again for helping me.

This is definitely the best “photoshoot” we did, I really enjoyed it, but most of all I enjoyed the scenery.

A close-up of the accessories:

Photo taken by me

The bracelet is a braid made with 3 materials: silver, gold and rose gold. I had it for many years, but this is actually the first time I’m wearing it.

What do you think about my outfit? Isn’t the scenery amazing? I’ll try to take some more photos for you there, even though it’s really difficult climbing rocks and crossing small rivers in heels (or wedges for that matter). You should have seen me! 😉

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27 comments on “A forest full of plane trees…

  1. Oh, wow, this is one of the best posts you wrote/showed! And look, you always manage to write/show amazing posts! So, it means I loved it! Your outfit is lovely, perfect for a stroll like that – I loved the hat, the skirt (really loooved it!) and the wedges! And then, surprise: what for a beautiful nail polish color you chose! You always wear beautiful colors, but that one is simply amazing – I guess, my favorite (although I love when you wear red!)
    And the landscape… fantastic! The hollowed tree, what for an amazing view! Once I heard that when many Italians, coming to my country, didn’t have where to live, they to live in trees like that – I’m not joking.
    So, I hope you have many nice days in Chalkidiki, I’m sure you will! By now, of course you know, I won’t be going there in August – such a pity. I’ll wait for you to come to Salonica to tell you about my adventures…!
    Have a fantastic time now, enjoy a lot! Filakia polla!

    • Hello Denise! Sorry, for taking me so long to reply to your comment. I was so busy since I got back! I finally got some time to reply.
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment! This post is one of my favourites too(if not my favourite one). But unfortunately, I was on vacation so it didn’t get the attention I think it deserved. Too bad! But I have something in my mind.
      I figured that you couldn’t come to Thessaloniki but now that I’m here you can send me an email so we can talk more privately! 🙂
      See you soon! Kisses!

  2. you chose a very nice locations for this photoshoot and I’m loving your back and white outfit (especially the bag…I’m a bag person after all)!!
    Well, you know plane trees need lots of water and lots of space for their roots, that’s why they didn’t succeed in your garden (and believe me, it’s better that way, because roots can be very damaging for your house 😛 )
    Have fun in Chalkidiki! I’m leaving for vacations tomorrow!!

    • Thank you very much for your lovely comment Anna! Yes, I know about plane trees and their need for lots of water and space. Unfortunately, that was what my mom told me when I asked her, year ago. Too sad though, I love their smell.

  3. Great outfit, you look so good in these pictures, I love your skirt and the blouse is awesome and that hat is so cool, I love it and you are so beautiful! Your have a lovely blog and I’m a new follower! Hope you’ll like my blog and follow back!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  4. Your look beautriful and very feminine! I love your classic black and white combination and the bag and hat are gorgeous:) As for the location, amazing!!!! Ταλαιπωρία να δεις εγώ εκεί!!!!!! Μιας και δε τα πάω καλά με τη φύση, ένα κι ένα για εκεί ήμουν!:) Γλυστρούσα στις πευκοβελόνες!!!!

    Back to Zurich for me, I will see how things are and then decide! I am here for some hours only and already have missed everyone back!:)

    Many kisses!
    Stories and Sequins

    • S’euxaristw poli gia ta kala sou logia Chrysa! 🙂
      Mou aresoune paaara poli ta platanakia apo mikri, mas pigainane ekei ekdromes! Kai egw eixa mia diskolia giati par olo pou forousa platforma itane arketa psili gia to meros, eidika gia na skarfalwsw sta vraxia san treli (opws kai ekana stis last photos!). Eutixws den glistrisa, alla skopevw na xanapaw (na dw me ti papoutsia!)…
      Sou euxomai na peraseis kala sti Zirixi! Siga siga tha sinithiseis! Einai logiko na sou leipoune ta agapimena sou proswpa!

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