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4 September, 2011

August was all about beach, sea and summer vacation in general, so I was too busy with other interesting stuff to care about shopping. Since Fall started though, I’m back at my house thinking of all the things I would like to buy this month.

To tell you the truth, I had a problem picking out the items I wanted to show you, cause nothing made me feel “in love” as it usually happens. However, I did a small trip to the stores a few days ago, and came home with my first items for Fall from H&M, (which I’ll show you soon enough) and that might have something to do with it.

So I collected some pics to show you my September’s wishlist. Here we go.

1) YSL Tribtoo suede platform pumps in navy blue, 595€.

Pics taken from Net-a-porter

I love this style! Tribtoos are becoming a classic piece to a woman’s wardrobe. From the moment I saw them on the feet of my favourite fashion icon, Victoria Beckham, paired with a Miu Miu dress, I knew I would love to have them. Of course they come in a large variety of colours, but this one is one of my favourites.

2) Jimmy Choo Private suede sandals in Magenta, 695€.

Pics taken from Net-a-Porter

I can’t stop admiring this pair of shoes. I first spotted them in black patent, then I was in love with the nude patent, and now I can’t hold my enthusiasm for the Magenta suede ones. Aren’t they cute?

3) Brian Atwood maniac calf hair pumps in fuschia, 515€.

Pics taken from Net-a-Porter

Another colorful pair of shoes, by one of my favourite shoe designers, Brian Atwood. The color isn’t the only thing that makes this pair stand out. This classic pair of Brian Atwood Maniacs is made of calf hair. What do you think?

4) Zara snakeskin court shoes in sea green, 79.95€.

Pictures taken from

Moving on to a much less expensive pair, I think this Zara one is soon going to be part of my wardrobe. I noticed it from the first time I saw the fall collection at the stores, and saw it again a few days ago, when I went shopping. However, something about paying almost 80€ for a pair of Zara shoes, stopped me from buying them immediately. I think I’ll sleep on it and maybe visit the stores again to actually try them on to see their fit, but seeing the pictures again made me want them even more. I can already imagine them with strict office looks (the ones I really like).

5) Zara XL fashion clutch in yellow-beige, 79.95€.

Pictures taken from

Ending this post with an XL clutch from Zara, which I saw on my last shopping trip and I must say that I really liked it in person. It’s indeed XL and I like the pop of colour on a neutral base, and I think it would look lovely with my winter outfits, just to jazz them up a bit. It’s made of cow leather, so that might justify its price.

I don’t usually hesitate to buy leather things at this price, but I’m not sure about the quality of these products as they are from Zara, which is considered a less expensive brand with lower quality goods in general. How is it possible, that every time I go to Zara, I always end up liking the most expensive things in there? And then they say that these stores are cheap. Tell this to my wallet! Last time I left them almost 300€, just for 5 items. Really!

Anyway, did you like my wishlist for September? I’m thinking of making it into a monthly “column”. I really like this idea. So tell me, which is your favourite item from the list? And please don’t hesitate to tell me about your favourite items which are on your wishlist. I’ll check them out, to see if there’s something I like too. 🙂

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Have a fantastic day!


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41 comments on “September Wishlist

  1. θα συμφωνησω απολυτα με την wish list σου!!! τι ομορφα που ειναι ολα!!!
    ειδικα η τσαντα τελειο χρωμα!!

    νομιζω παντως οτι θα αρκεστω σε κατι απο zara,bershka ,pull η κανενα τοπικο καταστημα λογω οικονομικων φετος…αλλωστε το στυλ δεν εχει να κανει με το κοστος ,σωστα?


    caramellitsa recently posted..Show me your accessories..My Profile

    • S’euxaristw poli Elli mou! Eidika auta ap’to zara thelw na ta agorasw opwsdipote…prwta ap’ola tis goves…
      Na sou pw kai auta akoma akriva exoune ginei….alla sigoura to stil den exei na kanei me to kostos..exeis apolito dikio!
      Filakia! 🙂

  2. What for a great list! You alwas have so good taste, it was a pleasute to see your chosen items now! And yes, please, this should be a monthly column, yes yes yes! (I’m sure we can have it as a weekly column as well, hehehe!)
    I loved three items: the YSL Tribtoos, the fuchsia Brian Atwoods and the Zara court shoes! The XL clutch is also very nice, but you know how much I love shoes!
    And don’t tell me about picking the most expensive item always… now I’m changing, I guess, but there was a time that you could bet: put 10 items in front of me to choose, without prices, and of coooourse I would choose always the most expensive one! I was always angry at myself about this!
    Anyway, it’s sooo cold here today, I’m wearing a light blouse (my mistake), and I’m eager to see what you bought for Autumn!!!! Enjoy the day and filakia pollaaaa!!!
    Denise recently posted..Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 63My Profile

    • Thank you Denise! 🙂 hehe weekly column, ha? I think it would be really bad for my wallet. hehe We’ll start with the monthly one and see how it goes…Yes, I love shoes too! But I think you can tell this by the items I choose for my wishlists. I want to buy those Zara heels, and maybe the clutch too. They are the only ones I can afford for now.
      I know what you mean. It’s so annoying to always pick the most expensive item of all. Wish I had lots and lots of money sometimes. Luckily there are cheaper solutions out there.
      Really? It’s cold there? It’s still so hot here, and I think the humidity is at its highest. It’s too early to wear the autumn clothes, but I’ll think of a way to show them to you. It’s always more difficult with clothes instead of shoes, bags and other accessories.
      Many many kisses my sweet Denise! 🙂

  3. I LOVED your post ! It’s so interesting and well written. You know, me too when I go to Zara I always end up buying or anyway liking the most expensive stuff, I can’t save at all, haha =)
    I would like a pair of YSL pumps for this winter…
    I love your blog, do you wanna follow each other ? If you like my blog too and follow it I will surely follow yours back. Be in touch xxx

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