Pencil dress & black lace | Outfits

I usually post in order of when the photos were taken, but this time I decided to mix posts a little bit to show you my Easter outfit and my last Shoe Save (#65 on my Shoeper Shoe Challenge by You’ve seen this dress before, when I wore it for New Year’s Eve (it’s the one I brought with me from London), but lots of you asked me to show it in a better way, because the photos were taken inside back then. Well, I’m not completely satisfied with these either (I like the photos but they don’t show the whole beauty and details of the dress), but you’ll see it many times in the future, I’m sure. These photos were taken on a really hot day, when the sun was shining bright above us. This time, I decided to pair my purple dress with green shoes and bag, instead of black, a combination I really love! What do you think?

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December’s wishlist

Can’t believe December is already here! It’s the month of Christmas and for that I love it very much! I can’t wait to decorate my house with all things Christmas and bake my sweet treats, something that has become somewhat a tradition. This month I picked for my wishlist, a wide range of beautiful shoes. I hope you like them as well. Let’s admire them together, shall we?

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What I wore to my cousin’s wedding

It’s finally time to show you the outfit I wore to my cousin’s wedding. I know many of my frequent readers were waiting to see it, and I hope it doesn’t disappoint you! I want to thank my mom for taking these photos (even if it’s highly unlikely she reads this). I always say how blurry are the pics she usually takes because she has trembling hands, but I think she did a fantastic job on this trip. Maybe the DSLR is much easier for her to use.

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Gift ideas for women

Hello my lovely readers! How are you? I told you I’d be here again sooner than you think with gift ideas for women.

Hope you like my selections!

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Gift ideas for men

Hello everyone! How are you? As we’re getting closer and closer to Christmas, most of us are trying to find the perfect gift ideas, for our loved ones, friends and family. So I thought I’d make a gift guide for you, to use as an inspiration for your gifts.

I’m starting my gift guides, by showing you, some ideas for men first.

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