October’s Wishlist

2 October, 2011


Hello everybody! Are you having a nice weekend?

Today I’m going to show you my wishlist for October. This time I choose more affordable items, which present some of this season’s hottest trends. I hope you will enjoy reading it.

1. Zara Metallic Sweater, 49.95€.

Photos taken from Zara’s website

I saw this sweater the other day at Zara, and thought that it would look lovely for a casual night out. My pick is the rose gold color, to match my current favourite watch, but you can find it in other colours too. Such as: gold, silver and simple black.

Photos taken from Zara’s website

And it looks much nicer in person. I think I might go back to buy it.

2. Steve Madden shoes

I wasn’t sure which model I like best, but I definitely want to buy a leopard pair of shoes this year. I’m so into leopard right now, and I don’t have anything in my closet, to satisfy my “need”. So we have:

a) Steve Madden Cypress pumps, $104.97 from $149.95.


Simple style, all in leopard

Photos taken from Steve Madden’s site

b) Steve Madden Dynemite leopard sandals, $109.95.

Photos taken from Steve Madden’s site

I know this one is more suitable for summer months, but apart from that, which one would you choose?

3. Zara platform court shoes, 39.95€.

They are available in black, grey and red. Normally I would go for the red one, with the gold heel, but I saw them in person and they were more of a faded red than a bright one, so I didn’t like them. But I liked their shape and their heel very much, so a grey one would be perfect for me. Grey is one of my favourite colors for winter months. I like it more than black.

Photos taken from Zara’s website.

4.      Zara silver jeans, 35.95€.

Photos taken from Zara’s website

Metallics are a big trend this season, and something tells me that those jeans will soon become sold out. So I may have to hurry,  try them on and buy them, before it’s too late. I prefer the silver version but if you’re more into gold there’s a version for you too.

Photos taken from Zara’s website

5. J.Crew Leopard-print calf hair belt, 78.73€.

Photos taken from Net-a-porter

Of course I would need a leopard belt too. One leopard item is never enough! 🙂

So, what do you think of my wishlist? Is there anything from it that you would want to buy as well? Tell me about it, in the comments section, below.

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Till the next post, have a fantastic time! 🙂

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52 comments on “October’s Wishlist

  1. I actually just got the metallic sweater and its funny, I’ve been seeing the silver jeans all over the blogosphere but I actually prefer the gold. Because they’re a dull, dusty hue and they just seem a lot less Michael Jackson and a lot more 60s French rocker. Know what I mean?

    Those Zara pin heeled shoes are just as perfect in person as in the pictures- I see my next purchase!

    • I think I’ll buy the metallic sweater too. I love how it looks.
      Yes, I know what you mean, and maybe you’re right. I was thinking of the silver ones more like a grey “party” version. Gold seemed to me more over the top. And the Zara pin heeled shoes, are definitely high on my list.

    • Thank you for your comment Louise. I’m glad you liked them. Oh don’t worry, I’m sure the heel would be just fine. I have a pair with similar heels only lower, and they are really comfortable and easy to walk in.

  2. Ah, finally! I was walking “here and there” the whole day long – and of course, taking pictures! – and I wanted to write with proper time as I told you, because I saw the list yesterday and was so amazed – but it was so late, I left for seeing it again today, and to comment! Ooof! Having told that, let’s go to the list:
    1) Thanks for showing the Zara items!!!! Maaaany thanks! I loooooooved the metallic sweater and the courts – I will or would go for the gold sweater, although I always loved silver – don’t know what is going on, I started wearing golden things now… little by little… so I really loved the gold sweater! The courts, I loved the black ones, but I would buy the red shoes, they are simply wooow!
    2) All the animal print – in this case, leopard – items are fabulous! The belt, and the shoes! I vote for the Steve Madden Cypress pumps!
    3) And thanks again for showing the metallic jeans! I looooved, simply loved them! So, I have to go to Zara soon! I will see you as a Zara ambassador from now on, because you really show so great items they have! And with your opinion, very reliable, I really think the goods you showed are worth buying them!
    Congratulations, I really loved your list! As for me, I want one perfume, 3 dresses and now the metallic jeans and sweater!!!! 🙂 I guess I’ll buy a nice camera in November! (Or December!) These are my wishes now… MMhhh… maybe two more pair of shoes? Better to stop now, because I just wanted 2 items and now the list is growing!!!!
    Filakia polla!!!!! Hope we can see you wearing your new clothes and shoes soon!
    Denise recently posted..Breast Cancer Awareness MonthMy Profile

    • Hey Denise! I saw your text too, but it was too late to send you a message.
      Thank you so much, glad you liked my wishlist. haha you made me laugh with the comment about Zara ambassador. 🙂 I think I showed too many Zara items this time. You know, these wishlists aren’t so good for my wallet. I end up looking at them all the time, and then I buy at least one item from each list. That’s why I always show more pricey items. So I can’t be able to afford them, or to think it twice before I buy something. But with this wishlist, I don’t know what I’m going to do. I think that I might buy half the Zara next time I go there. Poor wallet…
      I know what you mean. I’m stopping too now.
      Filakia polla! With this weather, I’m not sure what to wear, autumn always confuses me.

    • Thank you dear! I want those sweaters immediately.
      I’m glad you said that, because I saw those beautiful leopard platforms on your blog the other day, and I loved them. They look amazing on you. Maybe you’re the reason I loved them so much. You were my inspiration! 🙂

  3. Oh I loved all the silver and gold stuff, I am really getting into it for some time! I agree with Denise: you always show the nicest clothes by ZARA 🙂 And I like the Steve Madden Leopumps! I loooove animal prints (prefering leoprints) and the shape and heel is fantastic. I also like it in combo with red and black. I am as exited as Denise to see you wearing those things!
    My-Fashion-Diary recently posted..Shopping in der Thier GalerieMy Profile

    • Thank you MFD. Glad you liked them! I also like the combination of leopard with black and red. It’s perfect. Wish I had some of those to wear them, but I don’t (yet). 🙂

  4. I love the silver and gold jeans from Zara! I prefer the silver one as well:) You won’t believe the price difference between Thessaloniki and Zurich as far as Zara is conserned! Much more expensive!
    I love the platform heels as well, even though I wouldn’t be able to walk on them, I am sure!


    Stories and Sequins
    Chrysa recently posted..Sweet fallMy Profile

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