The battle of the bags

5 October, 2011

Hello my dear readers! How are you? Today I’m going to show you some of the bags that almost made it into my October’s wishlist, but for some reason they didn’t.

First of all, they were more expensive that I could possibly spend on a bag, and this time my wishlist consisted mainly of more affordable items. Secondly, there were other items, which were higher on my list, so they won.

I’m starting with a bag from “The Row”, by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

All photos taken from Net-a-Porter

It’s a classic, leather and suede doctor bag in black, and you can find it in Net-a-Porter, for €3.850. I know the price is over the top, but let’s not think about that for a while. Looking at this bag, I thought that it reminded me a lot of Victoria Beckham’s “Victoria” tote. I believe that the similarity is obvious. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a link for you to buy the mini Victoria tote in black online, but I found it in other really beautiful colors for you to choose.

Starting with the light gray color, which the designer named cement. It’s a small tote in gray leather, matte finish, two top handles, three internal compartments, light-gold hardware, feet, fully lined in cream leather and a zip fastening, according to Net-a-Porter.

It can be yours for €2,195. Not at all cheap, but hey it’s your money!

Now, here comes my question. If money wasn’t the issue, and you could totally afford any bag you wanted, which one of those 2 would you choose? The Victoria tote is obviously less expensive, and based on their measurements they are almost the same size. Before you answer my question, let me show you the other color available for the Victoria tote.

Victoria Beckham’s Victoria structured leather tote in red, can be found on Net-a-Porter, for €2.195.

I’m sure you’ve already know my pick. I love grey, in every shade and I love this one too, but I couldn’t possibly resist to this beautiful classic red tote. It almost made it into my wishlist. If only it wasn’t 2.195€.

So, this is your turn, which one would you choose for yourself? The classic leather and suede doctor bag, by The Row, or the Victoria mini tote by Victoria Beckham?

Which bag would you buy?

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If you choose the 2nd one, you can also tell me your color of preference in the comments section below.

I would also like to know if you like those little polls. I thought it is a nice way to participate, especially if you aren’t a blogger. I know many people like to read blogs without having one themselves, or others prefer to read but not leave a comment. This is a way for you to share your opinion with the rest of us. And don’t be shy; you don’t have to be a blogger to leave a comment. New readers are always welcome.  But apart from that I love polls. I loved them, even when I wasn’t a blogger, and I love them now. I vote in them in every chance I find. 🙂

And of course new followers are always welcome too, so if you aren’t already one, you can become by following the links below, or by using the GFC widget on the sidebar. To those of you who are already followers of this blog, I want to say a big thank you, for supporting me. It means a lot to me.


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58 comments on “The battle of the bags

    • Ontws exei poli wraio xrwma, kai egw gi’auto tha tin dialega, kai gia to sxima tis..Na sou pw, einai poli klassiki tsanta kai siougra tha tin exeis gia polla xronia…Den pistevw oti exei periorismo stin ilikia…

  1. Wow for the black bag by The Row, I loved it, but…. you are right, that price tag!!!!!!! But I voted for the Victoria Beckham tote, in red of course, my favorite color!!!! But again, that price tag? I was going to buy the D and G bag, as I told you, and it was noooot that price, and I already found it a lot! Finally, I found among the pile of things I have and I forget, a nice bag that has 3 zippers and then I decided not to buy the D and G anymore (I have one that I barely use!)
    Anyway, I may add a paypal button on my blog and will get 1 pound from each nice friend/reader and then by the end of the week I’ll be able to buy that looooovely amazing red tote!
    I didn’t know you liked grey, it’s a great color, very elegant, very versatile in fact!
    Tomorrow someone here will send some interesting things… a bit heavy little box! Who is that person??? 🙂
    Filakia polla!!!!
    Denise recently posted..Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 75My Profile

    • I knew you would prefer the red one! I know that you love red. I don’t have many red clothes, I don’t know why, but I like red accessories. If you have a similar bag to the one of D&G, you don’t have to buy another one of course. And I know that they are pricey, but much less expensive than many other brands.
      haha you should definitely add a paypal button. It’s a great idea. Donations are good. And women can understand another woman’s need to buy another bag or a pair of shoes.
      And yes I love greyyy…I had phases when I was obssessed with teal, and then I got obssessed with grey. I’m still in that phase, but I added nude for warm months and camel for cooler ones.
      Oh really? hehe Why is it heavy? I hope you didn’t put many things in it. I don’t want to burden you. And it’s such a coincidence cause I finally wrapped yours, and hopefully tomorrow my mom will send it to you. It took me a while, I know, I’m sorry. Thank you so much for sending me this package! 🙂
      Filakia polla my sweet Denise!

  2. That grey one is my favorite. I love those clean lines, absolutely amazing. I wish I had money which I could spend for that bag. I love grey as well in any shade.

    xoxo Ra
    Ramona recently posted..learning FrenchMy Profile

  3. I loved the first one!!! It looks really beautiful. But the grey one and the red one are also very nice. I just bought a grey bag (I think it was 200 times cheaper than the one you showed 😉 omg how that sounds!!! And I like polls, so give us more to vote 🙂
    My-Fashion-Diary recently posted..GlossyBox SeptemberMy Profile

    • hehe A bag doesn’t have to be so expensive to look nice. I have many cheap bags that look as amazing. The only difference is the materials used and the process of making it.

  4. I’m strangely attracted to The Row.
    “the price is over the top, but let’s not think about that” hahahaha m;areseis!!

    • Emena gia kapoio logo i alli mou gemizei pio poli to mati..Eidika gia ta lefta pou kostizoune kai oi dio! E ma…ti na pw gia tis times..exoune ksefigei…Katafeugw kai egw loipon se online window shopping. San na koitas vitrina zaxaroplasteiou se diaita..hehe 🙂

  5. OMG I’m really digging the bag in red! Was just thinking today that I need a bright coloured bag since most of mine are black/brown.. haha.

    Just discovered your blog, hello from Sydney!

    Steph /
    Steph recently posted..Friday Five: DressesMy Profile

      • I do 🙂 I was in Greece earlier this year and your country is soooo gorgeous, these days I read a lot of Greek fashion blogs partly because I miss the place but also you guys have great style!

        Do check out my blog and share with me some of your fav blogs if you have any x

        Steph /
        Steph recently posted..Christopher Waller SS12My Profile

        • hehe I was just at your blog reading about your trip in Greece. Your photos are amazing. So glad you liked my country. Next time you should visit Thessaloniki too, it’s the second biggest city of Greece. This is where I live.
          Thank you so much for your sweet comments. I will surely come back to you blog, when I’ll have more time. It’s pretty late here, so I have to go to bed. But we’ll talk really soon! 🙂
          Oh and about the blogs, you should check my blogroll. I have many lovely blogs there I follow, not the big ones, those don’t need further introduction. There are many greek ones on the list….There is also a directory of most of the greek blogs on…Check them out if you like…

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