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12 December, 2011

Hello everyone! How are you? As we’re getting closer and closer to Christmas, most of us are trying to find the perfect gift ideas, for our loved ones, friends and family. So I thought I’d make a gift guide for you, to use as an inspiration for your gifts.

I’m starting my gift guides, by showing you, some ideas for men first.

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1. Dolce & Gabbana Buffalo Check Shirt, 2. Ray-Ban Tortoiseshell Wayfarer Sunglasses, 3. iPad 2, 4. Dents Rabbit-Lined Leather Gloves, 5. Canali Silk Blend Jacquard Tie, 6. Yves Saint Laurent Belted Shawl Collar Cardigan, 7. Mulberry Albert Leather Holdall Bag, 8. Tissot Men’s T17152652 PRC 200 Watch, 9. Marc by Marc Jacobs Leather Messenger Bag, 10. Lanvin Gunmetal and Onyx Cufflinks, 11. Mulberry Plaited Leather Belt, 12. Converse Jack Purcell Leather Sneakers.

Some of the things from the list, are way too expensive, and some of them more reasonable, but as I said, they were meant to give you inspiration for the gifts you could buy.

Which ones did you like the most? I loved everything and that’s why I picked them but I do have my favourites. Wish I could buy them all to my bf, who by the way has his birthday tomorrow! Yayyy!

I have to run to buy his gift, but expect a gift guide for women as well in my next post (which might be sooner than you think!). Have a great day! 🙂

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34 comments on “Gift ideas for men

    • Xairomai pou sou aresan! Kai egw diskolevomai sinithws na agorasw dwra se antres…Sinithws protimane gadget kai tetoia, pou einai pio akriva, ap’oti ena rouxo px.

  1. I felt myself included – the last sentence was great – “maybe sooner than you think!” Don’t worry, your faithful readers will always come here to check out yout great taste!
    These ideas are very nice! My favorite item is the shirt! But then, you know, there are some men who don’t like red… I buy T-shirts to give as presents, Polo ones, and the colors? Navy, white, black, grey, dark green, maybe, and just maaaaaybe, burgundy… I wanted to buy electric blue, red, yellow… but, he doesn’t like… OK, we must give what the person likes, what he’ll wear, of course…
    Yes, I wouldn’t like to get black earrings, just as an example… so, as I said, we should give what pleases the one who gets the present, ALTHOUGH I love to give what I also like – makes it more personal, I think!
    So, T. is a Sagittarius! Must be a very optimistic person, it’s nice!
    I am really looking forward to seeing what you’ll pick for women!!!! (Send the suggestions to my partner, please, hahahaha! Cause I’m sure everything will be wonderful!)
    Filakia polla!!!!!!!
    Denise recently posted..My bedroom’s viewMy Profile

    • You were included! You’re right, that sentence was for you, I had you on my mind when I was writing it. hehe 🙂 I know you check the blog every 3 days, and that’s what I told you that I usually do. But I have some posts I want to squeeze in before Christmas, so I may have to post more often. Not every day though. That would be difficult.
      I know that many men don’t like colors. T. usually likes them, and I had him on my mind when I chose this particular one cause I know how much he loved plaid this season. He has already bought a few in different colors. But I know what you mean. I want the recipient to like what I bought for him/her. And yes he is Sagittarius. Mostly optimistic, but he has many characteristics taken from Scorpio too.
      hehe hope you like the suggestions I’ll do for women. I know I would love to receive many of them as gifts! I’ll come by your blog really soon. So sorry for the delay! I’m really busy again lately!
      Filakia polla!

    • Thank you for saying that! I showed it to many friends, and almost everyone told me they didn’t like it. I liked how cozy it looks, and it looked even better on the model.

    • Glad you liked them! Yes, these are 2 of my favourites from the list. I’m searching for the perfect messanger bag for my man too, for months. Too bad this is so expensive.
      And thank you so much for your award and your kind words!
      kisses! 🙂

  2. Peirazei pou ola auta m aresoun kai ta thelw gia mena??? oxi pes m peirazei pou einai antrika kai ta thelw?? ma pws allaxe etsi h andrikh moda, exei ftasei sto shmeio na einai exisou fashionable kai fab me thn gunakeia, sto shmeio na theloume na paroume pragmata apo ta adelfia, xadelfia, filous, agoria mas kai na ta forame…
    glam filia,
    kai nai we do speak gossip (panta hthela na to pw \auto lol)
    Marianne M. recently posted..Editorial: Lady in black: BeyonceMy Profile

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