New in: Céline luggage tote look-alike & Zara peplum top

Last week, when I was in the city center for a doctor’s appointment, I decided to take a look at a few bag-stores I had visited, when trying to find the perfect clutch for my cousin’s wedding last June. I had “discovered” some interesting models, and wanted to see if there was anything good left on sale. And I was in luck because there were only a few colors left for the model I wanted. I quickly picked the dark red/burgundy one among them, and purchased it happily for a fraction of its original price. Genuine leather, made in Italy, by the company Il Giglio, the perfect look-alike to my latest obsession: the Céline luggage tote. Couldn’t be happier to bring it home with me!

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My month in pics

Hello my dear readers! Today is the last day of 2011, so this is my last post of this year…Are you excited about the New Year that’s coming?

This is my usual month in pics post, but you should expect another one with all the holiday pictures in a future post. So, let’s start:

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