First blog anniversary + first giveaway

15 January, 2012


Many thanks to all of you who participated!

Hello my lovely readers. Today is a really special day for me as my little blog turns 1 year old. It’s been a great year, which started with small posts about shoes and favorite TV Series and evolved into more fashion related posts and glimpses of my everyday life, through my outfits and my “month in pics” column.

This year wouldn’t have been as fun without YOU that made my everyday life more special by reading my posts and leaving your lovely comments on them. When I started this blog I never thought that so many people would be interested in what I have to say and show. During this year, I not only gained more readers than I could think of, but I also gained a few friends. I don’t have to say who you are, I’m sure you know it by now that I consider you my friends, even though I haven’t met anyone of you in person. I hope that during the next blogging year, I will finally meet some of you.

Happy 1st birthday – on my nails Chanel 505 Particuliére

It gives me the greatest pleasure to read your comments and believe me; I appreciate each and every one of them. And that’s why I always reply back on your blogs, because that’s what really matters to me: The personal relationship through genuine comments.

In a way to thank you for being here with me over this past year, (whether you visit and comment on my blog regularly or occasionally, or even if you’re here for the first time), I want to give you a small gift that I hope will remind you of me.

So without further ado, I present to you my very first blog giveaway! I’m really excited about it, and even though it’s only a small gift, it means a lot to me, and I hope you like it.

So, do you want to see what you can win?

3 of you* can win some of those gifts in the pic: 3 nail polishes by GT Cosmetics**, leopard nail-skins, and 3D rubber nail stickers with cute flowers.

I chose these colors ‘cause I have them myself and I’m very satisfied. They’re all metallics/glittery in green/gold, onyx black and rose gold. They are much better in person that in the photos. You can see the photos I took for my previous posts to get a better look. Here, here and here. The green one turns to gold in the right lighting and it looks a bit like Chanel’s Peridot, but in a darker green hue.

So, the giveaway starts today Sunday,15th of January and ends on Wednesday, 25th of January at midnight (GMT +2 Athens time). You have 10 days, it is open internationally, and everyone can take part (blogger or not).

3 winners will be chosen through and will be announced on the blog, (plus on Facebook and Twitter) on the next post after the Giveaway is closed.

1st Winner gets a nail polish (of his choice) and the nailskins,
2nd Winner gets a nail polish (of his choice) and the nail stickers and
3rd Winner gets the remaining of the 3 nail polishes.

In order to enter this giveaway you have to:
–          Like my Facebook page (leave your fb name on the comment) or
–         Follow my blog on Bloglovin (please leave your follower number, for example if I have 50 followers, and you followed me now, you’re number #51) or
–          Follow me on Twitter (leave your twitter name on the comment text).
For extra entries:
–          Blog about this giveaway (leave a separate comment and a link to your post) +2
–          Share this giveaway on Facebook (on you page or profile, and leave a separate comment with a link to it or tag my page if you like) +1
–          Tweet about this giveaway @DoUSpeakGossip (leave a separate comment including your Twitter name) +1
–          You get +1 extra point if you follow me in all 3 (Facebook, Bloglovin’, Twitter, just don’t forget to tell me with a separate comment).

I would also appreciate it if you could Like this post on Bloglovin’. No extra entries for that, just a favor for me. 🙂

Oh, and there’s no need to leave your email on the comment text. Putting your email on the “email box” under your name is enough.

Thank you so much for your comments and entries in advance, hope you like my giveaway. You can ask me any questions you may have about it, and I’ll be happy to answer them.

A huge thank you to my bf T. for all the things he helped me with through this year. If it wasn’t for him, his help and his suggestions, this blog wouldn’t have been created. Without his everyday support I would have been stressed out as always.

* P.S. I chose to give the gifts to 3 of you, because I want to thank more than just one of you for being my loyal readers this past year. So, I decided that instead of giving away all the gifts to just one person (which is what most blogs do) to split them between three.

** P.P.S. This is NOT a sponsored giveaway. I paid for everything! I just bought these nail polishes (by GT Cosmetics), because I’m really satisfied by them and their Greek, so you can’t find them anywhere else. You’ve heard me talking about them in so many posts that I thought it was only natural to do a giveaway with them. Plus you have given me so many compliments about them in your comments. 🙂

Good luck to all of you! Happy Birthday to my blog, and see you next time!

Attention: For your entry to be valid you have to leave at least one comment here on the blog. I can’t enter you if you don’t leave a comment, even if you followed me using one of these ways.


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69 comments on “First blog anniversary + first giveaway

    • Thank you Samantha! I saw your like on Facebook, but unfortunately I couldn’t see your tweet because your tweets are protected, and I’m not authorized to see your status.
      Be sure to follow me on Twitter, or at least mention @DoUSpeakGossip, so I can see your tweet. So sorry for the inconvenience.

  1. s ekana like st selida st fb,nomiza pws t eixa kanei hdh alla pote dn einai arga 😛 st bloglovin se eixa kai st twitter eimai i marissa d.teleio to neo banner,pragmatika prepei n me voithiseis k emena na kanw kati tetoio gt dn exw idea kai exw ton anoito purgo! 😛 elpizw na kerdiswww,filiaa <3
    maria recently posted..Give Me Some StarsMy Profile

    • Maraki mou s’euxaristw poli…Poli xairomai pou sou arese, kai pragmatika nomizw oti eisai i prwti pou to prosexe to neo header mou! To etoimaza kairo, giati mexri na vgalw tis fwtografies etsi opws tis ithela mou pire xrono! Vlepeis den to’xw kai poli, alla prospathw…kai to eftiaxa olo moni mou! Kapoia stigmi tha to deixw kai megalitero…ama mporw na se voithisw fisika, giati oxi….
      Thank you gia ta follow, kai pragmatika kali tixi sou euxomai! 🙂

    • Thank you so much Steph! I really wish that too! 🙂
      Thank you for your likes and follows. Don’t you worry about the bloglovin’ number, I know you follow me. It’s just for the new followers, cause Bloglovin’s follows are anonymous and otherwise I can’t know for sure. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment and your follow.
      I’m glad you liked my blog. Although if you’d like to enter the giveaway, you should follow one of the above links (for Facebook, Bloglovin’ and Twitter). Unfortunately, Google is going to cancel GFC for non-blogger blogs from March 1st, so it doesn’t count for the giveaway.
      I’ll come by your blog as soon as possible.

  2. ma ti einai k auto me to na stamathsoun to GFC (anaferomai sto sxolio sou panw) kanoun anw katw ta panta…
    telospantwn to giveaway sou einai theiko kai gia auto k phra meros, exw mania me mano.
    eimai hdh fan sou apo FB kai bloglovin , se ekana follow k sto twitter twra (MarianneM4)
    emena proswpika m trelainei to onyx mano kai to prasino.
    to roz einai polu girly kai subtle gia mena thn trelara.
    thanks gia to comment sou sto post mou, pote den ksexnas na koitaxeis to blog mou!!!
    nai ekana epitelous thn epilogh gia name-url toso kairo m phre na to katalavw, twra thelw na dw pws tha kanw to like me on facebook na fainetai san box dipla sta post mou.
    ax provlhmata gia emas tous asxetous apo computer…
    to neo sou header einai poluuuuuuuuu wraio, m arese k to palio alla auto exei photo dikes sou k oxi mia alla 3 ara teleio.
    m aresei eidika ekeinh pou leei oh la la tairiazei me to doyouspeakgossip
    ekana k egw kainourio header mias kai to prohgoumeno htan polu fwrtomeno, o titlos den fainotan k kala.
    nomizw auto einai kalutero.
    kai pali sugxarhthria gia ton ena xrono pou eisai blogger, tous axizeis olous tous followers k ta sxolia.
    polla filia
    Marianne M. recently posted..Playing with boys and girl(s)My Profile

    • To GFC eipane to stamatane giati den ipotithetai oti den einai epikerdes gi’autous alla to kanoune mono gia ta non-blogger blogs. Diladi ola ektos ap’auta pou einai tis idias etaireias. I diki mou ipothesi einai oti apla theloune na prowthisoune to neo tous proion to Google+, alla den nomizw na kataferoune kati…Egw etsi kai alliws panta Bloglovin xrisimopoiousa…To GFC einai xrisimo mono gia osous einai se blogspot. Allwste gia autous tha parameinei…
      S’euxaristw para poli gia ta follow kai ta like. Poli xairomai pou sou arese to prwto mou giveaway giati imouna poli agxwmeni…dialexa auta giati ta exw kai egw, kai ta vriskw poli idiaitera…Den tha to lega roz to xrwma, pio poli xalkino…einai poli idiaitero, san to quartz tis Chanel ligo alla pio zwntano xrwma…kai eidika to prasino pou allazei apoxrwsi me to fws…Katalavainw omws giati kai egw etsi imoun, den mou arezan ta girly stuff. Kai fisika den ksexnaw na pernaw apo to blog sou..Afou se akolouthw sto Bloglovin…mporei na argw kamia fora giati exw polla na kanw alla panta pernaw…
      To box pou thes, des mipws mporeis na to kaneis mesw tou facebook, pou sou dinei kapoia codes. ektos an thes kati pio idiaitero…ta dika mou ta eftiaxa egw, opws kai to header. Kai to palio egw to eixa ftiaxei, alla to xa gia arxi, mexri na vrw kati kalitero…kai apo ekeino kapoiew fwtos itane dikes mou, me papoutsia mou. Kai min nomizeis, kai egw pou eimai oli mera panw apo to computer kai gnwrizw sxetika polla, se kapoia themata akoma den kserw tpt… Ekeini me ta kokkina rouxa pou les, einai ta idia rouxa apo ena outfit post pou ekana…Iparxei ena concept pisw apo to header…toulaxiston ipirxe sto mialo mou alla den katafera na to deixw akrivws opws tha thela..tha sas to exigisw kapoia stigmi…
      Kai to diko sou header opws sou eipa mou arese para poli, oxi oti to palio den itane kalo. Itane ligo skoteina ta gramata, alla tairiaze me to ifos.
      Na’sai kala, s’euxaristw poli gia tis euxes sou! Pali terastio reply ekana. Kai kali sou tixi sto diagwnismo!
      Filia polla! 🙂

  3. It’s so nice to “have” you with “us” for one year! I wish it was even longer, but now that you started, it’ll be long, I am sure! (But wait, never long enough!)
    I find the presents amazing, being the rose-gold nail polish fantastic! But you know what? You will see, yesterday I painted my nails dark blue for the first time in my life – guess if they are not chipping already, and the polish has very good quality… anyway, I am eager to try the pink one you gave to me; I told you I will do it on my birthday – a special present, from a veeeeery special friend on a special day!
    Honestly, my nails were not made for polishes 🙁
    I have to buy the Mavala coat in England, my last try – you recommended it. If not, I got a suggestion yesterday that may help. And then if not, again, nail polishes for me are for 1 day or maximum 2… it was always this way!
    What I wanted to say is that the dark blue one is changing today for dark green, can you believe it? And I liked so! So I’ll try a dark green one soon!
    You are so sweet and elegant! Of course you would get friends being so! We are all lucky to have known you, believe me; I know I am!
    So now, although I wrote happy birthday yesterday, I am very very proud of you, and I write again HAPPY BIRTHDAY and thanks to T. too 🙂
    I am sure you will go on having lots of success and fun with your blog, as much as we have reading your posts and getting to know the amazing girl you are and I am very happy we got to know each other!!!!!!!!!
    Filakia poooooollaaaaaaaaaaa! Up to the next birthday!
    Denise recently posted..Shoeper Shoe Challenges # 114 and # 115My Profile

    • Thank you so much for you amazing wishes for me and my blog! I really love them. I’m so happy I got to know you through my blog; my blogging experience wouldn’t have been the same without you and your lovely comments. You gave me courage and strength, even from the first posts to go on and stop being so shy. If it wasn’t for you and your comment on my first outfit post, I don’t know if I would have posted others after it. So thank you! Your help and support mean a lot to me.
      I’ll go to your blog now to see your new dark blue nail polish. I’m so curious! Remember that if you do lot of housework, like dishes and stuff they will always chip more often. I don’t do so many, but I do use the computer a lot. But Mavala’s fast-drying polish really helped me prolong my manicure. And I saw there’s even a more specific one, in their collection called colorfix, and I want to try it too. If nothing works for you, you should try gel manicures that last from 2-3 weeks and I heard many good stuff about them, but never tried them myself.
      I do hope that the new blogging year will be even more successful for me and I’ll work hard for that. I really love blogging. It’s such a nice “activity”.
      I’m going to enter you in the giveaway, so I’m wishing you lots of luck to win the nail polish you want.
      Filakia pollaaaaa!!!!! The next upcoming birthday would be yours! Yayyy! 🙂

    • S’euxaristw poli! Einai to 505 Particuliere tis Chanel!
      Min ksehaseis na pareis meros sto giveaway gia na kerdiseis kapoia apo ta nail polishes ‘i ta nail stickers pou einai stin pio katw fwtografia!

  4. na ta ekatostisei to blog su M 🙂 k megeia to header!evales k auti me to telio prwtoxroniatiko forema pou m arese poly!
    ps) eimai idi follower sto bloglovin’!

    • S’euxaristw poli Penny mou, na’sai kala! Nai eixa vgalei kai fwtografies eidika gia to header ekeino to vradi! An kai tha tis ithela kaliteres…
      Egine, se vazw sti lista tote gia to giveaway! 🙂

  5. ααα τι καλα!! χρονια πολλα.στιλατα κ ομορφα στο μπλογκ σου!!!
    σου ευχομαι ο,τι καλυτερο πραγματικα χαρηκα πολυ που σε βρηκα προσφατα εχεις κανει πολυ καλη δουλεια κ εκτος αυτου εισαι πολυ γλυκια κ στα σχολια σου κ στις αναρτησεις σου!!

    ευχομαι να συνεχισεις να μοιραζεσαι ολα αυτα μαζι μας για πολυυυ καιρο και να εχεις μονο επιτυχιες!!

    σε ακολουθω ηδη σε ολα οσα αναφερεις αλλα θα σου αφησω ξεχωριστα σχολια

    πολλα φιλακιααα

    google : caramellitsa
    caramellitsa recently posted..LIFTACTIV SERUM 10 by VICHY..product reviewMy Profile

    • Elli mou s’euxaristw para poli gia tis euxes sou kai ta kala sou logia!
      Xairomai para poli pou sou aresei to blog mou kai to giveaway! Na’sai panta kala! Euxaristw kai antapodidw tis euxes!
      Kali epitixia na exeis sou euxomai!
      Nai eipa na dialexw elliniki etaireia giati den tin exoune sto exwteriko, kai einai pragmati poli kali..Apo ti mera pou tin anakalipsa exw gemisei vernikia autis tis etaireias…kai exei kai para poli megali poikilia xrwmatwn.
      Kai pali euxaristw! Filakia polla!

  6. k bloglovin to idio caramellitsa

    καλη επιτυχια σε ολες τις κοπελες!!!

    κ σε μενα ειναι τοσο ωραια τα δωρακια σου θελω πολυ να δοκιμασω αυτα τα μανο πρεπει να ειναι πολυ καλα κ ειναι κ ελληνικα!
    εξαιρετικη επιλογη εκανες σε ευχαριστουμε πολυυυυυυυυυυυυ
    caramellitsa recently posted..LIFTACTIV SERUM 10 by VICHY..product reviewMy Profile

  7. πραγματικα πολυ καλες επιλογες θα παω να τα ψαξω περισσοτερο σαν προιοντα και να μαθω πιο πολλα μου αρεσει να ..επιλεγω ελληνικα κ ειναι πολυ ενθαρρυντικο εμεις που ειμαστε νεες κ ασχολουμαστε με τον τομεα ομορφια μοδα κλπ να τα προβαλλουμε
    caramellitsa recently posted..LIFTACTIV SERUM 10 by VICHY..product reviewMy Profile

    • Exeis apolito dikio! Kai einai kai poli kala proionta! Ta xrisimopoiw mines!
      Einai i idia etaireia pou vgazei ta Tommy G proionta by Gavrilis Group leei panw. Exoune ta panta! Prosfatws pou piga na parw auta, eixane kai nea vernikia ap’auta me to rinismata mesw pou vazeis magniti apo panw kai allazei sxedio to manicure. Tha parw opwsdipote…Exei kai crackle nail polish, kai matte…Kai terastia poikilia xrwmatwn. Egw ta vrika Hondos Center..Den kserw pou allou exei…

  8. α τι ωραια!! ναι ναι καταλαβα ποια λες ακουω συνεχεια για αυτα πρεπει να δοκιμασω μολις παω για βαφη μαλλιων θα τα τσεκαρω
    ναι καλε στο χοντος θα παω δυο βηματα κ ξερω κ τα κατατοπια χιχιχι
    σευχαριστω πολυ !
    caramellitsa recently posted..LIFTACTIV SERUM 10 by VICHY..product reviewMy Profile

    • Euxaristw poli! Tha perasw!!
      Min ksehasete na parete meros sto diagwnismo! Efoson me akoloutheite idi! Apla prepei na peite oti thelete na mpeite kai na mou peite pou me akoloutheite gia na grapsw ta entries.

    • Thank you! Glad you liked my giveaway! I accepted it and followed you back!
      Have you already been following me on Facebook, or Bloglovin’? Just to count your entries right.

    • Thank you! You just have to enter the giveaway, and you might find out for yourself! I assure you though, that the brand is really good. I purchased my first nail polish from this company on spring, and I was so satisfied with it, that I now have almost 20 nail polishes from it.

    • Thank you so much Katoula! 🙂
      It’s ok, only new followers should include a BL’ follower number, to keep track of them.
      Good luck to you! I really hope you win the one you want. I’m wearing the same one on my nails today, and it looks fantastic. You can visit my facebook page to see a sneak peek of it! 😉

    • Tania, thank you so much for following me, and for taking part on my giveaway!
      GFC is not needed to enter the competition (as Google is going to cancel it really soon), but thank you so much for following there too. I really appreciate it.
      Good luck to you!

    • S’euxaristw poli Despina mou! Kai egw xairomai poli pou ta ksanaleme!
      S’euxaristw poli gia ta follow kai ti simmetoxi sou! Distixws to GFC den metraei sta entries, giati tha to katargisoune sintoma gia ta non-blogger blogs.
      Kali epitixia sou euxomai! Xairomai pou sou arese to giveaway! 🙂

  9. FB name: Stella Petridou
    follower on bloglovin no.56 (Liked the post)
    Χρόνια πολλά στο blog σου και good luck to me!!!

    • Elpi mou distixws den se vrika sta likes mou sto Facebook…Kai den mporw na to dextw san entry…Tha’nai adiko gia tous ipoloipous. Mipws ksehases na to kaneis?

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